Marilyn James is the Premier Authority of This Stolen Land

After meeting Marilyn James and spending even a modicum of time in her spiritual enlightening presence, it's obvious to anyone paying proper attention that she is the ultimate Matriarch in the place of the bull trout, and that those who wish to honour the truth of this colonized realm should...

Yup…we made this amazing shortfilm that has garnered several awards
*Warning…this video has emotionally sensitive content*

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ready for a new kind of erotic entertainment?

A matriarchal utopia, where men are enslaved labourers and breeding studs, begins to crack under the leadership of its risqué new Queen and her power-hungry Breeder King.
When news filters down to the Breeding Hut about an uprising in the men’s camps, Mariana is forced to make a choice. Should she stay and help the women fight for a system she questions, or swim away and risk everything in the hopes of reaching the far-off mainland?
Unique to the marketplace, this smart, sex positive literature had yet to be realized — until now…

The Breeding Hut