Well you see…….

With the whole smoke situation I have mainly just wanted to swear at many thing and no feeling that is not the most productive thing to do on me site. I will instead keep reminding you of fun ahead! Mucho Danke to @dormo for animating me!! Yes I took a screen shot because that's how I figured out...

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ready for a new kind of erotic entertainment?

A matriarchal utopia, where men are enslaved labourers and breeding studs, begins to crack under the leadership of its risqué new Queen and her power-hungry Breeder King.
When news filters down to the Breeding Hut about an uprising in the men’s camps, Mariana is forced to make a choice. Should she stay and help the women fight for a system she questions, or swim away and risk everything in the hopes of reaching the far-off mainland?
Unique to the marketplace, this smart, sex positive literature had yet to be realized — until now…

The Breeding Hut