Oh hey website, I’m back! Awwww, I missed you too!

My previous post ‘This is So important” is still how I stand and feel about the truth Canada is reckoning with. We can all rant and rave but I do believe it is about our own daily small choices. Also OMJ TRUDY STOP TALKING AND START DOING! I CAN’T STAND THAT FUCKING  GUY AHHHHH I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT HIM AS HE IS PURE EVIL AHHHHHHHH

More about my imaginary personal torture chamber and how I think it is healthy in a later post.

Breathe, and off my chest and alllrightyyyyy.

The mini vaycay was everything! The weather was perfect, moon was beautiful and we got to have a campfire each night! Already my summer feels complete, or nicely ready to sink deeper into it. An open fire ban takes effect today I think, so we just squeaked in getting to have a campfire. So VV gouda.

Are you heat waving?!

Apparently B.C. is about to go deep into heat. I am one of the few people who enjoys the heat. Yes even with hot flashes, they just add another special level of spice.

Here are some of my enjoying the heat tips!

Surrender to it. Yup, it’s hot. getting all worked up about it or worried won’t change that, so just give in and feel it!

Sweat will happen. Sticky and hot and all over and it’s great! Drink lots of H2O and let it be a little cleanse time. Fighting sweat only makes more sweat and regardless there is going to be sweat so may as well just surrender to the sweet sweat.

Water is your cool friend. Wearing a cold damp shirt is a top trick however if that feels to wet t-shirt contest for you a wet bandana or scarf on your neck is stylishly cool too! That still wet hair look is hawt right now so you can be cutting edge by keeping your hair wet to stay cool.

Misters. Not like a man Mr. a mister that mists!

Good luck with your heat waving if you are participating, as B.C. will be for the next week or so.

Oh, wondering where my mini vaycay was?! Of course I’m going to tell you! Tomorrow on a special Saturday post.

Hope to ‘see’ you then!


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