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a beastie poster pdf

I’m working on fingering out how to not just make that a pdf….and a double page..? …but for now!! #learningtech #notatechie

Hihi! How was your long weekend time? Did you rest? Did you go inward and release what you no longer need? Did you resurrect yourself into a better kinder human? What does that even mean or look like right?! NBD just asking?!

I have a bit of a Coachella hangover. Just from staying up past me bed time for two nights in a row! Billie was so worth it and turns out The Weekend was too!

Arcade Fire was fabulous and gave me all the Coachella moment feels. Misty moments.

Canada did well at the Coachella, with Carly Rae Jepsen, Arcade Fire, Shania Twain cameo, the J Beibs cameo, The Weekend, Jessie Reyez, Caribou…and there were far more I’m sure!

If you have not been listening to Finneas I highly recommend. His set was top quality.

Maggie Rogers was tons of fun and I’m pretty sure there were more then a few ladies in that crowd who were going to replicate her new twiggy-esque haircut.

I really appreciated all the latin representation. Anita and all her dancers shook some serious booty, Karol G, who looked like a lost Kardash sister, also did mucho shaking of booty, also had an amazing set both musically but also her set was really cool, looked like a little street with buildings that housed her lady band. The new discovery and party good time was Groupo Firme. I’m going to be doing some searching and listening to them when I get a chance!

Good times, good times!

One last ‘hey now’ I have been meaning to mention is that April is poetry month. Something I discovered about myself over the ‘demic was that I am a poet! There I have said it publicly out loud!! I actually have been my whole life, since I was little, I just never gave myself that title and acknowledgement of my work and what I do. Writing poetry has actually been one of my most consistent art forms. Again, it is one of those things that I think, “doesn’t everybody write poetry all the time?”! I do, so everybody else must, no?! Whelp that may not be the case, but the April poetry month challenge is to write a poem a day. I have been doing pretty good, I did miss a couple of days, which I forgive myself for and must move on from! I’m letting you know in case you want to join in for the last part of the month and write some sweet poetry! Even if it’s terrible it’s great! Write on!

Danke for being here!!


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