Entertainment, life and all the things!

Hi and welcome to the Forstmedia website!
Or curated content gallery, as I like to call it.
I’m Lisel, an artistic, trying to be a person, but pretty alternative, but also in a logical way kinda
Lady Beastie. I know that may not make a lot of sense, but it does to me so it stands.
I wanted a place too curate for myself away from the socials. So I decided to go old school new
school and have a website!

This website is going to be a growing good time of content that is just in its inception baby
stages. Welcome here at the beginning! Good for you! Well Done!!
From quick little hellos and great photos to longer dissertations of things that I find interesting or
have opinions on. I’m a curious person so I tend to find many things interesting. I also have a lot
of opinions!

I hope this website provides a fun and potentially provocative place for you to visit and enjoy
something different and new with a new point of view!
The Golden Heron is a contributor to this site who brings honesty, smarts and flair. Check back
regularly for their fantastic contributions!

Signing up for the weekly emails that will keep you a breast of all the new content is a fantastic
and appreciated way to support this venture!

Sharing with your friends or people you know who may enjoy flowing on a different stream than
the river main is very welcome and obvs highly encouraged by me!
Ok if you have read this far and are still going…
Danke for being here,