This is an important article. Especially if you are an artist or arts administrator, or heck the person on grant committees.

I have been saying the same things for the last couple of years. Especially with Covid and the big “here’s more grants to help the artists'” B.S. Oh we applied. For so many. Oh we were denied, all of them. As well as the rural discrimination that we have endlessly encountered being rural artists. I can’t emphasize how much that has affected our careers.

Perhaps now that what I have been saying is published in a national news source by someone else it will make sense and people will take it seriously.

That seems to be how it works. It’s not easy to be a Cassandra.

Danke for being here,


#forstmedia #cassandra #canadacouncilforthearts

P.S. Anyone who attended the D&G show is tone def and I have lost all respect for. That includes you Helen Mirren, Jlo, Jhud et al. Celebrities with no integrity. Also reporters if you are just relaying the story with out the real story, shame on you. We know better, let’s do better. Shame about ole Helen tho, I thought she was a better person than that!