And then sometimes you have been in a world of bliss…. Having an amazing time. Beach meditations with seals and otters. The presence and beauty of the natural world all around. Spending sweet time with your favorite person and just wanting the moment to last forever…

But it doesn’t. With the light there seems to always be darkness. Reality and humanness and the mess of the world and the insanity of it all, all the decisions, all the greed and the hurt and the just plain stupidity of everything comes crashing in, reminding one of the fleetingness of everything.

And where I felt so connected and large, I feel less than small. And all the crazy and mayhem and terrible choices and ignorance and yuck are all growing and moving so fast and so big and are so encompassing that it is impossible to stop.

I want so badly to have all the magic to shift all the things and redesign the entire world and all the systems we have built and rely on. Because there is no need for all the destruction and suffering and yet the majority seem to choose it, like lemmings. To make fun of and choose to not be ‘woke’ is a declaration of ignorance, and it is a popular choice. Literally people on soapboxes admitting to be dumb asses and insulting others for intelligence, empathy, compassion, critical thinking! Our potential next canadian p.m. is one of them! Happy, proud and out about his wanting to stay an ignorant asshole. People agreeing and clapping for that choice!!??! It’s not even farce or some SNL skit. This schiesse is terrifying!

So I cry a bit for it all. It doesn’t have to play out like this. There are just too many forces pushing us to yuck and not enough people willing to step into discomfort to make a change for the betterment of everybody.

Don’t be lulled that what is happening politically in ‘merica won’t affect you.

Have you asked yourself why the media isn’t talking about the floods in Pakistan?

I will go back to the ocean to find some stillness and bliss, some gratitude that it can still exist, before new adventures into the unknown begin. Like a recharge before the madness.

I guess with gravity, when you are going up so high, at some point you get pulled back down.

Sigh. Cry. Keep on keepin on.

Danke for being here,

Lady Beastie

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