Hiola, I am a Nflix user. Along with my pute (computer) and wifi that is what I have. No cable t.v., no other streaming services.

Just a little testimonial statement so from here forth you have a better understanding of my viewing matrix. Danke.

Moving on. Season 2 of Nflix Ragnarok just dropped yesterday and I will be finishing it fo sho today. I just checked to see if there will be a season 3 and officially no word yet, but come on. One would think and hope, yes.

This schiesse is hawt. Consistently surprising me so. Not to mention the soundtrack that has me searching for and downloading new music!

Like this song from the Hallway Swimmers that just speaks to my 80’s child and possesses me to play it loudly on repeat and dance like in the high school gym with braces and big bangs.

Ragnarok is a Norwegian show and I have been a subtitle avoider, however with my limited watching scope it has pushed me into the subtitle realm, and I am thankful for it. Also side note, I enjoy listening to the Norwegian, it’s somehow slippery and beautiful.

Furthermore there is just something about the tone and the cast and the location and all the things that make me feel like I’m cool when I’m watching it.

Gosh, like The Witcher –  it might even be a full rewatch. Kinda makes my heart race thinking about it.

I’m not recommending it or anything, just relaying my experience of joy and coolness and hotness with it.

I will be Ragnaroking tonight hard, yes, I am excited, thank you.

Have a great weekend!

Do you NFilx? Got any shareable favourites?

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