Yesterday was one for the history books!

I love a good walking adventure, and the places this one took us were stunning and everything you dream of when coming to a place like Mexico. Or and also when I was sitting at home in dark winters past dreaming of coming to a place like Mexico!

We started out from our very urban apartment and walked to an amazing an interesting beach called Las Gatas. From our internet research we learned that most people take a boat over to this location, but boats can make me motion sick and we love a good walk! The trek there took us past La Ropa beach and up a reasonable but not to steep hill that presented us with absolutely fabulous views!

La Ropa beach

The steep and rocky trail down to Las Gatas was not to difficult but also not for those with bad knees! Thankfully the vicious sounding barky perros at the bottom were behind a fence and we emerged onto quite the Gatas scene!

Las Gatas

With amazing timing we met up with a friend from Nelson, who we randomly met up with a couple of days ago, who had taken a collectivo to La Ropa and had then found a walk along the waters edge to get to the beach! Which was great news as it meant we didn’t have to go back up the steep path for the journey back, plus a good loop is so much better than a back and forth!

The beach itself was more coral filled than I would have thought as none of the things we read about it said anything about that, but we headed to the far side of the beach, away from all the restaurants and lounges and umbrellas and found a fairly sandy way into the shallow and beautiful water.

Apparently a very very long time ago a king had a breakwater built so his harem of ladies could enter the water easily. So there really are no waves. For people who like to snorkel there is a statue of Jesus you can check out under the water. We didn’t see it but Joel, a local guide showed us pictures of it!!

We brought homemade sandwiches and got very prunned floating in the beautiful bay!

Oh and also sipped on a fresh coconut ….. what dreams are made of!

The walk back was so fun along the rocky waters edge and we watched the sun start to set over La Ropa Beach.

Such a great day!

But now for the content you are really here for …. Bag Salad!

Sometimes I forget but I didn’t forget about this!

At the beach is a wonderful vendor named Rosario who carries on her head a tray with what I have called Bag Salad. Cuz it is like salad in a bag…at the beach….so good!


(Rosario and her adoring fans!!)

Bag Salad usually consists of grated Jicama (which I love), cucumbers and sometimes carrots and beets. Though too many beets mean, well, too many beets!

I like it fully preperada which means she puts on some bufalo hot sauce, some chilies (yes so hot!) and a bit of sea salt and then squeezes a lime over it all!

It is so good and healthy and spicy and refreshing and delicious and carried on her head down to the beach!

I have been making it myself as well and I plan to continue when I arrive back in Canada!

Feeling adventurous and want a taste of Mexico? Give it a try! So simple! So good!

I hope to see her today as we head down to our favorite little beach we have named los bebes! Although some days it is a bit more los ninos… and then some days it can be los chicos, but lately it has been los bebes!!

Hey, danke for being here!

I appreciate your clicks, yes way more than zuck do!

Lady Beastie