I tend not to be as vain as I would like to be. So when it comes to beauty routine stuff, well, I tend to be lax. Now that I am noticing aging in a more pronounced way I am definitely a tad bit more motivated to keep this body working well! However I do notice that whatever I try needs to have a certain level of insta feel good or I am less likely to do it! How’s about you?!

First on my beauty time enjoying it list is dry brushing.

Do you know about dry brushing?!

I kinda had heard about it and last winter I decided to get my own brush and give it a go.

I have no idea if it is does all the circulatory beauty stuff it claims to, but it doesn’t matter cuz it feels good. Before the shower I stand there and dry brush the heck out of my self and it feels so darn good. So whether or not it is doing something beautifying is actually beside the point cuz I like the feeling! Because I enjoy the act itself, I actually do it!!

I will say it does exfoliate well so I don’t get that build up of dead skin that clumps up on ones towel after a shower. I’m pretty sure you know of what I speak!

Dry Brushing?! Who knew!? Hello circulation! I recommend it, and with the Christmas time coming it makes a great stocking stuffer!

The sunset was a standing ovation of glory last night after all the rain! That is todays photo, I took a bunch, there will be more!!

Like a bit of beauty content?! Why not eh!!?! I gots a couple more coming up in upcoming posts!

Danke for being here !!!


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