Not that there is anything to blame, I just have been so absent from this platform lately.

I guess this led to that and one thing to another and suddenly here I am and it is spring and what is there to say.

And again as a paradox would have it I have so much to say and really nothing at all because is it important or worth saying at all?!

I was gonna get all “hypocrites” and “what the actual about the Met Gala”. Because deep down I think it shows a larger thing that is happening in society. But then who cares? Does it all actually even matter even? Is it really that shocking that the majority chooses to cave to commerce? What is my little opinioned voice going to actually do?

Also the weather turned beautiful and warm and garden

and the tan is starting to make a comeback and the yard and all the flowers and the tulips just came out and it is supposed to rain for like 4 days and it will probably totally destroy the tulips so fast and so, so much for their short little time in the sun and boom now their time is done. I have great hope they will hold on longer. what was I talking about?

It is like that but also there are a couple of events upcoming if you are in the area of the Kootenays.

On May 20th I will be emcee for the Haute Trash event at the Capitol Theatre, you can get tix from the Capitol, the looks I have seen on the insta page are incredible! Stunning!

On May 27th at the Dandelion Festival at the For-Rest Retreat just outside of Salmo I will be stirring up some fun as Gnomie the gnome! More details to come but check at the For-Rest retreat website for more!!

I’ll be back here too one day with more. I appreciate you all for coming back and being here!

I also want to give a massive shout out to The Golden Heron for being so solid every week and boldly writing what others are to scared too!

Mucho Mucho for all and everything and everybody!

Lady Beastie