The sluggish investigation into the Nelsonia Police State’s likely racist cops has finally reached the point where six of the armed force’s twenty-something members have been “found to have committed discreditable conduct” while on the job being paid by taxpayers’ dollars, plus one of these pigheaded wrongdoers has apparently “had a Neglect of Duty allegation substantiated”. However, due to the colonial systems in place to protect violent so-called peace officers at all costs, the citizens who pay the obscene bills for their anti-Indigenous law enforcement gunmen will probably never know the names of the dirty half-dozen offenders, even if the scofflaws are found to be guilty and receive insufficient punishment from the followup Discipline Authority process — involving cops investigating cops, yet again, as per usual.

Of course, the authoritarian Nelsonia Police State and their supplicant Board issued an accompanying statement begging that “these findings should not deflect or paint a negative picture of our forces as a whole”, because what else would they say? As if imperialistic swine would ever admit the unseemly truth about themselves that of course racist memes and discriminatory online chats will reflect poorly on arrogant punks paid to protect us from disgusting behaviour such as they demonstrated themselves while cashing their voters’ cheques.

Fascistic Farnie who pretends to be the Public Safety Minister for Brutish Colonia exhibited this same type of white power misogyny, as he always does, when he recently admitted to sitting on a report for years about the paramilitary Mounties’ crimes committed against poor vulnerable young women up north over a decade ago. Not acknowledging that he should resign based on his abject “Neglect of Duty” in the name of covering up all sins by his beloved keystone cops, fracking Farnie has stonewalled every effort to discover why the province’s First Nations were never informed of the scathing news that the Prince George villains with badges abused and discredited around a dozen Indigenous girls, a disgraceful unforgivable matter which the top cop in Ottawa declined to assess let alone investigate until she was just forced to step down in disgrace.

All freakshow Farnie could do was blame the feds while ignoring the RC’s own Civilian Review and Complaints Commission which indicted their sadistic thugs for the heinous crimes which we all should have known about by law at least five years ago. After our Indigenous peoples have called for a general inquiry into the former Northwest Mounted Police created to kill and displace the original inhabitants of this stolen land, the best phony Farnie could do with his latest blatant scandal is to remain mute until last week’s reluctant announcement that “the director of police services has ordered an investigation by an external agency”. Does this mean we’ll be subjected to more cops investigating cops on the public dime? We don’t even know, because fraudulent Farnie can’t even be bothered to tell us who will perform this long overdue expose of the bigoted thin blue line.