After the recognized authority of this stolen land, Marilyn James, asked Nelsonians to participate in “an action to demonstrate that the Colville confederated tribes does not represent the Autonomous Sinixt or the traditional matriarchal structure of the Sinixt peoples”, only fifteen to twenty locals showed up to stand in solidarity with her infinitely just cause, while 150-200 well-meaning dupes decided to show up for the concurrent opening of the Yankee Colville tribes’ all-male office in the White Heritage City, in defiance of our true spokesperson’s stated wishes.

The duplicitous Dark Star online rag sent their egghead reporter to cover the duelling events, yet of course in their tradition of selling out all interests which don’t make them or their corporate cronies money, Billy Madcalf’s subsequent propaganda article read like a classic court stenographer’s report, while simultaneously managing to broadcast their neocon Oak Bay media baron’s oligarchic agenda at all costs. While glorifying the southern Sinixt Confederacy’s mission statement about how its “responsibilities are to everybody in this room, and everybody in this town, and everybody in this watershed and everybody in Sinixt territory”, the Death Star’s eggheaded manservant refused to ask the masculine dogooders from the CCT about their exclusion of Marilyn James and her dissenting female allies from its supposedly all-inclusive boy’s club pledge.

In line with Dave Blackie’s poorly hidden affinity for the billionaire bros’ planet destroying campaign to end all life as we know it so that him and his frat-boy henchmen can get richer at the expense of women and children, Bill Egghead chose not to ask the white-bred resigning executive dictator of the yet-to-be decolonized Nelsonia Museum about its disgraceful handling of Marilyn James’ sacred Sinixt baskets, while Madcalf parroted the company line about its arrogant decision to sign a memorandum of understanding with the USA-based organization, instead of our own homegrown Autonomous Sinixt as the Land of Ross has already rightfully chosen to do.

Pro-corporate journalism like the Dark Star’s pretends to represent the nonexistent centrist WASP middle-class reader who buys their gas-guzzling trucks and drinks their cancerous beer, so they hide their colonial intentions in the way they structure their articles around which questions they choose not to ask. For instance, one has to read past halfway into Madcalf’s biased puff-piece to learn about Marilyn James’ resistance efforts, and neither Astro at the biased museum or the manly quartet in the CCT’s new office were asked for their thoughts about the Autonomous Sinixt and their dissenting opinions and missions. By keeping their respective quote sources in opposing silos with no cross-pollination, the Death Star gets to act like they covered both sides of the story, despite the one and only photo featuring four guys from the CCT with Marilyn James nowhere in sight, and over four-fifths of the reportage not being focussed on the “BC-based” Autonomous Sinixt.

The main reason why bigoted Nelsonia doesn’t embrace the Autonomous Sinixt as they should is because Marilyn James and her supporters don’t prioritize cash over all other ecological considerations. As James makes clear, “she was there to protest the opening of the office… because the Colville Tribes and the Sinixt Confederacy do not represent Sinixt interests, but rather the interests of government and industry”. As readers of the Golden Heron know by now after three years and counting, the ignorant citizens of the Queen Consort City love nothing more than imperialistic governance and industrial destruction in order to make bloodstained money.

Unlike the Deathly Star’s stormtrooper minions who sandwiched Marilyn James’ wise words with thinly veiled love for the pro-corporate conspiracy against humanity, we will give the last words to James, the proper ruler of the Valley of the Lost Souls and its surrounding environs: “The CCT do not care about the protection of the water, they do not care about the protection of the land,” while the “Autonomous Sinixt are ‘following the traditional laws, offering a traditional form of government’, (whereas) federally recognized tribal governments are an operation of the federal government, which is ‘giving our resources, our land, to other tribal groups, and not dealing with the extinction issue. By Colville’s doing this, they are colluding in an act of genocide against Sinixt peoples”.