The neoliberal unprogressive ‘leftists’ on Shitty Council have been obsessed about protecting children on playgrounds for the last month, so while toxic smoke and poisonous gases invade our uncivil skies, infiltrate our smell centres & contribute to Alzheimer-like symptoms in anyone overexposed to fine-particulate air pollution, wouldn’t this be a good time for Councillors Woody, Log-Bump & Company to focus on the Brutish Colonia government’s ongoing refusal to fund wildfire prevention programs anywhere near the levels which experts have requested since for at least twenty years? If they care about their kids’ safety so much, why not save their vulnerable lungs and brains from annual cellular damage by lobbying the Nihilist Down-Players led by Premier Dweeby to pay far more for prevention than fighting fires, instead of the other bassackwards way, wherein they’ve squandered more than “$4.16 billion fighting fires,” according to a Postmedia probe, “and just $224 million on reducing wildfire risk for communities”.

Right there, the christo-fascist ‘safety first’ conmen at Shitty Hall can join their municipal brethren to protest Beastly BC’s Forestry Dictator, as he attempts to blame the colonial navy-boat occupying cities themselves for not taking him up on the obviously ineffective grant programs which his imperial ilk insist on using despite their demonstrated discriminatory flaws. As Brucey Boy whines to the complicit oligarchic media, “The funding is there. It simply … hasn’t been taken up. I think sometimes people think these are not essential programs. These are make-work programs. They are the very opposite. They can be the difference between successfully extinguishing a fire and seeing a fire … do profound damage to a community”. So there you go, Wooderson and Bumpy Log, there’s your call to action to get all the funding you can for every community within smoke-drifting range of your precious brethren, so that they can breathe clean air in the summers like we used to at the beginning of this regressive century and avoid harm to their innocent young cells.

Of course, there’s always the issue of the Nihilist Democrats ignoring the wisdom since time immemorial of our persecuted Indigenous peoples, who undoubtedly know how to better protect the safety and well-being of our forests, habitats & health, as proven over thousands of years, compared to the apocalyptic debacle the Crown’s right-wing authoritarians have gotten us into with their chronic mismanagement of our besieged ecosystems, which gets minimal coverage from the corporate press, who prefer to quote irate rednecks defying evacuation order laws to fight the fires and stir up controversy about settlers resisting their own white male overlords, when the original inhabitants of this stolen land get no respect from anyone in an unearned position of power that could use their help to do the jobs they’re being paid by the public-purse to do.

The essential kokanee salmon is a key symbol on the White Heritage City’s municipal crest, but the population of a species critical to this dammed area has plummeted since naughty Nelsonia has existed and the Autonomous Sinixt were declared extinct, so does anyone on the anti-Indigenous Shitty Council do anything other than jack-squat to protect and repopulate the nourishing animals considered to be humans by our First Nations? Standing up for the salmon people would involve upsetting their grandmasters at the Columbus Basin Distrust, who generate untold villainous power from their continued exploitation of the region in and around the Valley of the Lost Souls, meaning the land-holding real estate profiteers in the Queen Consort City led by Wormtongue and the Business Bozos will never protect the welfare of those who may as well be their spiritual children.

In an opposite yet related fashion, when we’re stuck in repetitive eras of moneymen raping the sacred grove for sadistic profit, the misogynistic world of soccer is abuzz with scandal over a national team president who forcefully kissed one of his victorious players without her visible consent, and virtually the entire country of Spain came out in support of their women’s World Cup winner versus the greedy kisser who has been forced to apologize and beg for the right to perhaps keep his job. Given two-faced Nelsonia’s false reputation as a supportive (cult)ure of supposed do-gooders, one would think that if a celebrated female performer was assaulted with “sexual violence” by a similarly lecherous kiss from her gross comedian host onstage at a women’s centre fundraiser in front of her grandmother and peers, all of her supporters and allies would denounce the misguided physical assault on the spot and defend the upset victim at all costs. But no, in the real-life sad Nelsonia where disgusting man-children who hit on young women without consequence reign supreme, nobody in the slightest defended the offended party, while the deceptive ‘king of comedy’ was hailed as a cultural ambassador and given the keys to the Keystone Kops’ empire.

What we have in sociopathic narcissist Nelsonia perpetuates a treacherous theme, wherein the herronvolk paving the way for the ascension of the Konservative Republikanazis of Kanamerica pretend that they care about protecting the white-bred kiddies in textbook Fascism 101 style, in the same breath that they defend and hail the very WASPy forces which threaten the relative safety of their legacy family heirs to the detriment of us all, especially at the expense of our Indigenous and their women and children.