I’m very much confused about why they are not cutting power to the Main Stage that is set up?! It is what is fueling the protest fest as much as anything? It’s not hard. Pull the plug. OMFJ and why is NOBODY talking about it?!

Just as a reminder because things get confusing, Autnie Fa, means anti fascist, which is what the Fruckers are claiming turdes is (well cause he is sure going for it) so technically Auntie Fa would be on the fruckers side…..unless the fruckers themselves are fascistic…..

Have you watched any of the main stage? Kinda hard to make an informed decision until you have I would say…

Search out live streams on the y’tube, there’s a bunch.

I’m currently watching a stream at the Main Stage, and it has been a sermon the whole time, while the chat has been filled with evangelical ‘merican drumphers. Which then turned into a music blaring ‘peaceful’ protest fest dance party. Ummm again, one could simply cut the generators power…..ummmm

There were maybe 5 puffy chested police who just walked through the crowd, as horns honked through the injunction, because the law doesn’t apply to them (according to many in the livestreams) in this moment, and the Ottawa residents just need to put up with it, and are collateral damage because fruckers are fighting for freedom for all of us. OMFJ

Yes it boils my blood. Because remember that time near the beginning of the pandemic when unmarked CP vehicles from Edmonton with unmasked and armed CP police rolled up on us on a safety “blitz”, threatened jail time and 10,000$ fines, for our safety, because we were walking across the train tracks. Remember when some of you defended them. I do. If the law doesn’t apply to all these peeps in this moment, why should it apply to me in that fucked up ridiculous, very telling, CP moment?!

Like, it’s just a bit of tit for tat, and when you have been tat a number of times, you just want the tit to have some tat as well, ya know?! If you don’t know that feeling, now is a good time to have a wee ponder on your privilege.

I’m still curious as anything about all this.  Are you?

Danke for being here,


#forstmedia #wtaf #cutthepower

oohhh the juicy P.S. bottom part….what scandalous things…what will I put on the internet here….

…. there is so much sexual tension between turdes and free-the-land it is palpable. Did you see her squirm as he trumpeted his power? ….just time stamping it….. perhaps they are just horny for power….

….perhaps there is a societal loss of empathy because there has been so little shared live performance art experiences. Perhaps art is what helps human stay human and humble and kind in a way nothing else can. Perhaps it has been non-essential for too long…..

…..imagine if the liberal lefts supported arts and culture the way the radical right support each other…..

….do the fruckers understand it appears they using their children as shields, as that seems to be a reason the cops aren’t just getting on in there…..not a great look….course if it was Indigenous children, would that matter. oooooff heavy deep ponder at the end there……

……breathing, meditation, movement, sex or masturbation, all helpful feel good importance at this time….