Probs not, but hey that’s what I’m here for and why you keep coming back for more!

I would have given you a heads up to watch it but I didn’t know either. However my Y-tube algo-beats know that I enjoy ‘Live’ things and so it recommended it to me during the semi final round this weekend.

Being a great fan of the flix movie Eurovision Song Contest:The Story Of Fire Saga I was curious and it sucked me in.

I am also big a fan of big performance situations, I love all parts of it, the performance yes, but all the tech and backstage stuff too. I like to think about the stage managers and the lighting board operators!! And this show was a BIG one! There was a waterfall off the front the stage!

Not to mention the crowd is huge and just loosing it! Like a girls with the Beatles back in the day!

Then there are the acts, which are fascinating and weird and wonderful and all the things!

The greatest joy was watching the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra take the fan vote by a HUGE margin and win. Yes I got misty. It made sense. It was the right thing to have happen, and that so rarely happens, that it was nice to see it happen!

If you have not watched Eurovision Song Contest:The Story Of Fire Saga, I recommend it. In fact I might rewatch it myself. If you have never checked out any Eurovision, I recommend that too! Some of the songs and performances are the oddest things you have seen, but some like the Ukrainian winners are fire. The catchy flute and chorus coupled with the rapping is a winner worth watching and sharing.

Kalush Orchestra has made a video for their song and it is powerful. Hope you get a moment to check it out.

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