I’m going to blow my own horn.

Which I don’t normally do and is kinda hard for me.

But I’m on this self love journey and lately I kinda feel like maibe perhaps there has been some progress. (I like maibe with an i so there ya go.)

Here is my rambling for the day, but first also I pre appreciate you taking a leap off the socials to read my writings and musings here today. danke.

I am an inventor. Well not really. Try again….I am a problem solver…that feels better. My brain likes certain kinds of puzzles and likes to solve them.

I make a great consultant, if you are ever need of that sort of thing. Consulting.

Anyhoooo many many years ago while not enjoying being cold, I invented a heated jacket that had a battery that you could charge by almost fabric like solar panels built into the coat and also by plugging it in. I figured especially for the scientists and workers in the north when it is light 24 hours would appreciate the whole situation. And me too. Did they used to have ‘heated’ ski boots in the 80’s? am I making that up?

anyhoooooo flash forward to today where there is now an array of heated options, like socks and mittens and what got me on this whole thought train was a heated puffy vest ad I saw. The ad was intent on showing me the on and off switch and the battery. I must say if I ever do go back into a winter life situation I am definitely investing in such a thing. Life changing! Now they just need to up their boot no slip game.

Side thought rant thing….Once I ordered these boots online which I never usually do and they came and didn’t fit the best as boots online do BUT!!! even though the bottom is totally flat, literally no grip whatsoever, something about the material for the sole they used, they are the best no slip boots. They have insane traction on ice. Like wearing your skate guards on the rink. Why, why, why are the supposed ‘good grip’ boots so fucking slippery all the time still?!!!

Anyhoooooo just to get this out there,  just in case a brilliant mind is reading this and knows the answer, or gets inspired or it just sends an energetic ripple effect, or again for proof of my inventing skills….here we go…..

A “living” membrane that mimics photosynthesis in plants that we convert and use as energy. Clean, constant, the most green of solutions energy. Houses, buildings, cars, everything could be covered in it.

Of course it could perhaps go all sci-fi and then the membranes all start communicating and destroy humans and take over the planet, but that seems to be the case with most things anyway.

Ha! There ya have it!

Have you invented things that then got invented after you had already invented them?

Feel free to comment in the comments! Or dm me also which seems to be more a favourite option!!

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Danke all the super mucho for being here!

Lady Beastie

P.S. oh sorry, what are you saying? those in the back? speak up?! Am I distracting myself with these thoughts because I am packing up my life of 24 ish years and jumping into the wild and unknown…..? Great question.