How is the universal energy flowing for you these days?

When life is moving in interesting and new ways around you do you resist or hang on for the ride and see what you might find?

I am currently riding the newness and change in a very trusting and going with the universal flow kind of way and it is kinda great!

Even though there is always an unknowing of what is next or what could happen, stepping into that space with gratitude and curiosity is proving a winning combo.

There are so many things all around helping to guide us, when I was in Nelson, it was like I was stuck in sludge that felt nasty and like there was no flow around me, just a sinking yuck of nothing going nowhere.

Perhaps it is just the change of scenery, or the vast changing ocean but being in the newness and unknown feels so good.

It could also be because it is summer and I am warm and for me that helps make the world feel good.

Also shaking it up. Doing new things, seeing new things and jumping into that universal flow stream trusting the current and seeing where it takes me.

Sigh, good stuff.

How’s your flow? Do you trust where it goes?

Hope you are doing some sweet floating and not getting stuck in the yuck!

Danke for being here.

I appreciate you more than those meta techies do!!

Lady Beastie

#ladybeastie #summervibes #universalflow

PS The Golden Heron will be back next week with a new post! I am so very flattered to the people who think I am the golden Heron! Alas they are a contributing poster on the site and it is not me! I will pass on all the recent compliments and I’m sure they will appreciate them!

PPS If you want to be a contributing poster to this site, there is always opportunity…Send me a post idea and we can take it from there!

PPPS Can you feel how close the poetry book is….I can!!