As the Chief Executioner of an international corporation in charge of its own keystone cops run by Yankee military jerks with extremely limited federal accountability, is Skeletor Creel really someone who cares about Canuck sovereignty and clogged supplies? 

Right now, the train unionists of the working people who have been locked out by their inhumane corporate overlords from the good olʼ USA are talking about a “toxic work environment” wherein “they don’t want to bargain for an increase in quality of life … this is our one opportunity to make our voice heard so people know what we’re dealing with”. Of course, both sides of the labour action are blaming each other for the breakdown in talks, but do you trust the motivations and truthfulness of a soulless shareholder-driven corporate racket led by queen-WASP Creel who claims his mistreated workers are “well aware of the damage this reckless action will cause to the Canadian supply chain”? 

Weʼre supposed to believe that the overcompensated minions of the Manmoron pathocracy due south give two flying beavers about how we get our food and goods up here if itʼs in their best interests to screw us, along with our underpaid railway workers? ʻBlame Canadaʼ, indeed! Is it not possible that Corporal Creel and his army brats are working for their own cult(ure)ʼs strategic patriotic interests when they destroy our post-pandemic disharmony even further with twentieth-century union-busting tactics perfected against the Teamsters yet again? (Hoffa vs Creel would be a fight for the ages!) 

On a morally compromised local level, when the Ghoulie Gang worships these uncompromising rail barons with their free ad signs and engines at its tech-shrine to Wormtongueʼs biz cartel (plus their slanderous encouragement of the keystone train-copsʼ covertly fascistic ʻsafety blitzʼ), are they supporting Crazy Creelʼs latest attempt to sabotage our countryʼs economic independence and general welfare? When Shitty Hall and the Nelsonia Police State chaired by Captain Ghouls collaborate with the unmarked minivan rail jackboots to persecute our homeless and poverty-stricken civilians, do they also back Creepy Creelʼs destruction of our federationʼs resistance to Republicanazi imperialism? Do the complicit Ghoulie cronies understand that they are on the wrong side of totalitarian history when they do not actively defy Creel and Companyʼs hostile takeovers and ongoing occupation of our waterfront in the weak name of saving cash? 

As Christo-fascists, the white-heritage CoN sacrifices an inordinate amount of its inherited assets for the unholy cause of deifying dirty money in the blasphemous temples of unabashed consumerism. Forget goodwill, says the torturous tag-team of Ghouls and Creel, letʼs betray our workers and ʻconstituentsʼ when they stand up for labour laws and human rights and then blame them for the inhumane problems weʼve created when they try to speak up for themselves and the combined dignity of every single citizen, no matter where we nail them down on our biased myth-of-merit scales of unsocial injustice. 

You canʼt catch a train to anywhere from the land-holding real-estate fraud absurdly called Railtown by its guilty Ghoulie profiteers, and now you canʼt work there as a railway employee because youʼve been locked out by Commander Creelʼs latest unearned power-play, nor can you send a package or essential freight through there anymore either. This hubristic masturbatory Yank who swears he cares more about our beleaguered economy than three thousand of our family-supporting workers and our northern regulatory bodies is the same tyrant whom Lord Ghoulie kowtows to at the first chance he can get when heʼs having ʻdiscussionsʼ about how to never clean up Emperor Blacklockʼs toxic dump. When the unCanadian nonPacific fiefdom of Greater Albertamerica is rightfully called a “toxic work environment” by its own locked-out workers, whatʼs also ever-present is the toxic nature of the environment that the Creel Corps have perpetrated along the length of their iron-horse steel curtain polluted with industrialized filth. 

Overall, how much trust do we have in the ability of King Kong Creel to resolve a critically essential dispute when both uneven sides canʼt even agree if itʼs a lockout or a strike, and nine out of their last ten conflicts have required government hand-holding like kindergartners saying sorry in front of their disappointed teachers? The answer is: just about as much trust as we have in snivelling Major Ghoulieʼs willingness to represent his own voters as mandated against the good old boys club in the Cowtown ivory towers who do the bidding of Fuhrer Drumpf and his insurrectionist white-bread bootlickers. 

The undesirable chances of King Turdy the Second succumbing to the pressures heaped on him by the copious Wormtongues in the Crypts of Commerce across this divided stolen land are insanely high, in the all-too-real sense that he will cave in to the Machiavellian tactics of the Creel Cartel against his own powerless subjects in the misguided spirit of protecting national security; while in a reality imperceptible to him, the economic sector Pierre Juniorʼs purportedly in charge of despairs yet again in the face of aggressive unfriendliness from our overly armed neighbours who are wondering how much longer theyʼll be able to conserve their own democratic integrity when itʼs under attack from within by covetous traitors — similar to the Ghoulie gangsters who pretend theyʼre Godʼs greatest gift to your state of being, until they sell you out to the corrupt bigwigs who bribe them with the most materially selfish grifts and insist they did it all for you! 

Forgotten as usual in the midst of such territorial skullduggery by the Creels and Ghoulies of the besieged world are the unassailable Crown-endorsed rights of our Indigenous peoples on this unceded landscape. Everybody in the white-power camp freaked out when the First Nations resisters blockaded the precious rail-lines of Sir John A-hole for virtuous reasons whether you like it or not, but now none of those same establishment whiteness enablers are going to say a peep when Creel & the Gang hijack the same ʻessentialʼ supply corridors solely so that they can make more ill-begotten spoils off the almost-breaking backs of their criminally disrespected workers. When protectors of the land get in the way of ʻprogressʼ, itʼs all hands on deck for the crown servants to shoot them down fast; but when the crooks of industry gum up the works just to make themselves some more dough, itʼs nothing but silence is violence from the WASPy clerks. 

Have you ever heard about the Field tragedy wherein the sadistic Creels abused the mothers of their killed engineers who died due to reported cost-cutting negligence on the part of Ghoulieʼs favourite railway? What about the recent attempt by unCanadian nonPacific to hot-wire our constitution and rip off hundreds of millions of bucks from Saskatchewan over some legal-loophole chicanery from centuries ago? Even KT2 canʼt put up with that railway robbery, no matter how much he craves to kiss the corporate handouts that feed him. So side with Creel as Ghoulie does, and youʼre the bad guy! 

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