On a Halloween when the Screen Actors Guild released guidelines for members looking to “celebrate Halloween this year while also staying in solidarity” with the ongoing strike against the oligarchic studios’ attempts to destroy the industry forever with AI technology, etc., wherein SAG-AFTRA specifically asked its union members to “hang up their ‘Barbie’ pink”, our clueless Premier Dweeby and his token youth advisor Brittny decided to dress up in garish Ken and Barbie costumes despite their deceptive party’s supposedly pro-union roots.

Making a narcissistic display out of their harmful ignorance, Dweeby Ken and Roller Brittny ignorantly posed for goofy photos in the hallowed Legislature in defiance of a major union’s ongoing heroic fight to resist the billionaire bros’ hostile takeover of life as we know it. There is a massive effort underway by the authoritarian frat-boy klub to destroy everything the Nu-Dipper Party supposedly stands for, and the Point Grey Premier Dweeb and his Kooky-Columbus MLA barbie-doll walked right into the pro-corporate trap by blithely wearing their blatant symbols of materialistic profiteering without anyone in a position of imperial power questioning their contradictory misguided actions.

Judging by the amount of ha-ha yuk-yuk press coverage they got the next day, most everyone in the complicit media got a trifling laugh out of Ken Eby and Barbie Anderson’s ridiculous outfits, but what nobody involved realizes is that a unionist government celebrating the evil Silicon Valley tycoons’ cinematic battle against the forces of good is exactly what’s wrong with our delusional Canamerican political system. The centrist-at-best real estate moguls in the Narco Downplayer Party get to pretend that they’re the most progressive leftist so-called dogooders that Beastly BC voters have to choose from, while in reality they succumb to every nightmarish trick which the industrial elites play on them in their selfish quests to get hits and followers on their Yankee-owned social media addictive hellscapes.

The besieged union guild down south which represents lucrative Hollywood North, beloved by Brutish Colonia’s starstruck pols of all stripes, also suggested that anti-scab supporters shouldn’t “post photos of costumes inspired by struck content to social media, as to not give the studios any additional publicity”. But of course, even though they have high-paid staff and advisors living off the public purse who could advise them not to engage in anti-union activities, Dweeb and Britt slathered their antisocial feeds with the ugly evidence of their kowtowing surrender to the sadistic desires of the militaristic white male power moguls. Maybe next time, the Dweeby Brits of the colonial government should ask their socially conscious artistic local citizens for advice on how to dress up as a ghost or a black cat, so as not to prop up the WASP supremacists in charge of killing our just society like a slasher flick gone horribly wrong.