We have had our ups and downs on this winter away from winter. Give and take. See previous post for all about that.

But the one thing we are recently learning is good hosts make all the difference.

Now Air Bnb….I know I know, this is not an endorsement, but if you have a better plan for booking reasonable month long stays while you are traveling I would love to hear it! Most hotels are quite expensive and don’t even have a mini fridge, how hard is it to just a have a little fridge so you can have some food and bev in your room!

We have been lucky that all our hosts have been really nice and attentive, but the hosts we have now are above and beyond.

It makes more of a difference than I thought.

Being in a foreign place to know that someone is just a call or text away and is there to help you out is pretty invaluable. Someone who understands when things aren’t quite going according to plan and goes out of their way to take care of you and make sure you are ok. Pretty darn great.

You may or may not have seen my insta post about how we are now in Ixtapa for a bit.

We had wanted to come here and check it out and were even wondering about staying here for a month at the end of our trip. So with the give and take of everything we have found ourselves here for potentially 2 weeks. Staying in a great Air Bnb that our hosts also run.

And while we have discovered Ixtapa is not really our jammy jam, it has given new life and appreciation for how great Zihua is.

Ixtapa was built to be a resort area so that Zihua could keep its charm. It feels surreal here. Wide boulevards and big resort hotels. The beach is amazing and really long but the waves are too big and chaotic for this not the best swimmer.  We even saw a life guard telling people to get out of the water. I guess cuz it was dangerous?!

The gringos seem less friendly and more privileged , really hungry and wanting to get theirs so they can insta post about their awesome Mexican vacation.

I think it makes the Mexicans more weary of the tourist gringos and therefore less friendly as well.

But I guess if you want to golf and swim in a pool and pretend this is real life hey have at ‘er.

Cuz it is still beautiful and warm and full of palm trees and also a crocodile or two!!

Give and take right?!

Anyhoooo the internet wasn’t working for a few days when we got here, but again our wonderful hosts were on it and now we are back up and running so you can expect to see more posts coming you way!

Danke for being here and taking a moment from the usual scroll to venture into something different.

Oh the golden globes you ask? As in the past I would have done a whole post and talk about the fashions and what not….but no. Didn’t watch them and frankly not that interested…?! Not sure what is happening to me either! Hollyweird just feels … so ….odd and kinda cringe right now…

That being said as I am a paradox, we have been very much enjoying ‘Willow’ on the D+.

I know, I know D+, give and take you know?!

Danke mucho,

Lady Beastie