One of the top legal stories in the herstory of Kakanatahk (which means “that which is sacred”) happened this week, and most of the corporate Manmoron media outlets have dutifully ignored its elemental ramifications spoken and sung in the language that originated from the four spirited winds which govern this stolen land that is being reclaimed. To quote Turtle Island philosopher and elder stateswoman So Pi Koh, as she declared to the unprepared Il Papa in her heartland territory, “You are hereby served spoken law. We, the daughters of the Great Spirit and our tribal sovereign members cannot be coerced into any law, any treaty that is not the Great Law”. If you believe in the recognized sovereignty of our Indigenous people, as opposed to grifting their lands to the European hoarders for no valid reason, then official notice has now been served to the divine authority — or so they claim! — at the profiteering unrepentant Vatican that their power has been usurped, as it always has been by the real lawmakers who are performing their own homeland security against the ongoing cultural oppression of our First Nations; which is on par, or worse, than what the Canamerican frauds in charge are purportedly apologizing for, while they sponsor the Popemobileʼs inactive non-apology tour, even though the two King Trudys and their cronies are the same con-men behind the residential school shallow-grave apocalypse in the first place. So Pi Koh and her resiliently indomitable peers have survived the white settlerʼs systemic abuse, and now they are doing whatever they can do and say to bring down the empire. “We have appointed chiefs on our territories. Govern yourselves accordingly. ‘Hiy Hiy’ does not mean ‘Thank you.’ It means that I have nothing more to say,ʼ So Pi Koh said to the Pope in Cree.” Talk about the ultimate mic drop of all time to the Catholic Godʼs personal rep on Mother Earth! 

As William Elvis Thomas, who leads the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nationʼs Nihitho Language and Culture Unit, sums up, “They had no right to come in and do what they did to displace our traditional ancestral, sacred laws that we had in place. (Koh is) asserting that we still have that and that we wish that to be respected and that the Pope should acknowledge that”. “Métis Sixties Scoop survivor Brenda Hatt” echoes this sentiment when she observes, “We can’t change what’s happened and we need to move forward, and we need to move forward together, and to belong to a group of people that have survived hundreds of years where they weren’t supposed to survive is a powerful message. And her standing, stepping forward, putting your fist in the air and stating, ‘We are still here.’ How can anybody not be proud of her?” Si Po Koh is honoured by such responses shared with her from around the world: “I hope that it brings the people back to the land. Our way of life.” As an activist living in a teepee on the Manitoba Leg lawn, she views her role as such: “Residential schools continue in the child welfare system, and if I had to ask the survivors today, ‘What would you like me to do? To speak for the little ones today, that are in care?’ Because I’ll do whatever it takes. Your pain, your words, through me. I’ll get it done.” Iʼd trust Si Po Koh to lead our diverse populace more than any of the maniacal jokers at all three levels of their imperial government, which covertly operate as an unholy trinity of white power worship fossil-fuelled by sadistic greed. 

Unfortunately for the pro-Indigenous cause in and around the monarchist Heritage Queen City, there are far too many so-called leftists affiliated with our local fascistic print media who donʼt believe that corporate ad-driven news outlets inevitably lean towards jingoistic celebrations of the militarized colonial status quo, so hereʼs Chauncey Devega to quash their jackboot protestations: “A successful career in the mainstream news media requires not getting too far ahead of the target audience and public opinion — as conventional wisdom perceives such things. So being a professional moderate or centrist tends to be a lucrative career track, and feigning shock and surprise in an effort to appear relatable is an important element of that pose. In that context, telling uncomfortable or frightening truths about (Canamerican) society, which of necessity may reflect the complicity of the (Canamerican) people at large, is to invite career suicide. As a practical matter, one is expected to ʻread the roomʼ and stay close to the purported views and ideals of the ʻaverageʼ (Canamerican), rather than telling inconvenient truths at inopportune moments. By implication, the mainstream media is expected to lead the public to the truth gently, as if telling children about death, rather than speaking to them plainly like adults. That kind of mass infantilization is one of the principal ways by which fascism and other authoritarian systems take hold and spread across a society… (as) the major corporate media is part of ʻthe system,ʼ not outside it, and is inevitably aligned with power. For prominent media figures to admit that the system is in profound crisis — as epitomized by the rise of (Chief Ghoulie & Herr Drumpf) — is effectively verboten”. 

For anyone who thinks weʼre being too harsh around here on the anti-choice, anti-pride & anti-Indigenous Constable Ghouls of the Nelsonia Police State, Dr. Justin Frank has you ostriches pegged when he details how, “They want to stop thinking about it. Those people who (negate) you because they don’t want you to talk about (the Ghoulie Gang) are afraid of confronting their inner self. They do not want to face who they are deep inside. Such people also don’t want to think about the other real nature of (Canamerica) — that we also have fantasies of violence and revenge… It is a very scary thing to be forced to confront our own violent and destructive impulses. That is especially true in this country, because many (Canamericans) don’t want to confront the fact that it is their fellow (Canamericans) who are making such threats. It is a deep type of denial and fantasy. That also explains why so many people in the (Nelsonian) news media won’t talk about (the Ghoulsterʼs) threats of violence and destruction. It scares them too, so they normalize or even dismiss the deadly seriousness of his threats”. 

Most of the two-faced sycophants in the cowardly CoN are incapable of being anything more than passive-aggressive gargoyles beholden to Count Ghouls and his vampiric manservants who should to listen to Devega when he writes, “Responsible citizens who strive to live an ethical and morally grounded life, and who are committed to secular humanism and overall decency, should never stop being outraged at injustice. But to pretend that such injustice, or related crimes against society, are shocking or surprising when they are not is in many ways to do the work of iniquity rather than confronting it. Perpetual shock and surprise, especially when feigned, can lead to learned helplessness, passivity and surrender when bold proactive actions are required. Saving (Canamericaʼs) democracy from the (Conservative)-fascists and the larger white right, if that is still possible, will require a fearless commitment to clarity, in speech and action, from both the news media and the (Canamerican) people”. 

Western chauvinists like the Ghoulish Leprechaun proclaim their love for God-fearing Christian nationalism by acting in the vested interests of everything white that benefits their own perceived selfish needs above all other considerations. However, as Nathaniel Manderson of Salon points out, most of these hypocritical Jesus-lovers would hate to live the lifestyle of their savior, preferring prejudice over tolerance and fear over kindness: “When it comes to the military-industrial complex, to use President Eisenhower’s famous phrase, I feel confident that Jesus would not be impressed with all these bombs, guns, missiles and tanks, or with the billions of dollars being spent so we can murder the so-called evildoers. A Christian nation would value peace as its first priority. Jesus spoke of turning the other cheek and loving our enemies. That is never an easy thing to manage, but I think it becomes much harder if you destroy an entire neighborhood with bombs in an effort to kill one supposed terrorist. A Christian nation would abhor violence. The Christian way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy without a gun”. 

“A Christian nation would hold that the entire society has responsibility for the elderly, the sick, the disabled and the poor. It would grant amnesty to all those who have come to this country in hope of a better life. It would demand peace, and extend mercy to all this country’s enemies. It would demand equality in the education and justice systems, and extend special care to those who are poor in spirit, those who mourn, those who are persecuted and those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, as Jesus put it in his most famous sermon. But a Christian nation is not what these evangelical (conservatives) want. They, and especially their leaders, seek power, money and vengeance against anyone that stands in their way. If (Canamericaʼs) current healthcare system is killing people, then fine. If the justice system condemns the poor to prison and lets the rich walk free, then fine. If poor neighborhoods are plagued with violence and become traps nearly impossible to escape, then fine. These so-called Christians have no interest in equality of opportunity, in healing the sick, in welcoming the foreigner or in serving the poor. In other words, while conservative evangelicals may claim to want a Christian nation, they will do nothing to make that a reality. It’s the last thing they want.” 

When the self-described holiest Christo-fascist evangelizer jets across the pond to inactively apologize for inter-generationally destroying Turtle Island cultures and peoples on the other side of the planet, actual Indigenous healers donate their sacred time and energy to resist the damage caused by the egregiously rich Vatican and its conspiratorial regimes such as King Trudy the Firstʼs. As reported by the Canamerican Press, “For the Pope’s visit to Alberta, Nora Jeffrey said she drove from B.C. carrying traditional medicines, including cedar and spruce branches, which people brush themselves with to release negative energy. Many people also approached Jeffrey to use cold water to wash the tears off their faces, which is done traditionally four times. The water helps with balancing emotions and grounding people. The first wash is to honour the Creator, the second wash is in honour of their ancestors, the third wash is to honour their territory and the final wash is when I always say, ʻThis is the most important wash to honour a beautiful and precious youʼ”. Even though so many deluded “legacy” white Canamericans who should know better still fervently believe that our First Nationsʼ peoples should have somehow miraculously “gotten over and dealt” with their systemic multigenerational trauma by now, Jeffrey says (Canucks) need to think about how those who can’t let go of their pain can get support for the days, weeks and years to come. “There’s a teaching that it takes seven generations to let go of trauma and so we’re just at the tip of this,” she said. “My hope is that we can help our people,” she added through tears. “The Pope didn’t talk about how the children were raped, beaten, shamed, starved and how they were experimented on. We need to make our people feel good about themselves. So many of our people are dying.” Jeffrey said Indigenous people thrived for thousands of years before ʻcontactʼ. “Colonization is just a blip in our history,” she said. “It’s a painful blip, but I know that we can come out of that and be strong and thrive again.” 

Count Captain Ghoulie among those who never want Lizzieʼs landlocked navy-boat occupying army to lose their white power, as we again play the game that asks whether weʼre talking about Fuhrer Drumpf or Mad Dog Ghoulie, when University of Illinois professor emeritus Frederick Hoxie and former federal prosecutor Dennis Aftergut warn us, “(Olʼ Ghoulie) came into office already possessing many of the instincts and inclinations of a mob boss — and he left office having learned a basic mob bossʼs lesson, after a handful of individuals more loyal to the (ʻcityʼ) than to him hindered his willful rule. Now, as (Don Ghouls) and his minions plot (another) return to power, they intend to make sure that if heʼs re-elected, he wonʼt have to put up with anything less than total loyalty”. 

For as we should know by now, malevolent Corporal Ghoulie is ruled by the destructive ethos Thom Hartmann lays out as such: “Goldwaterʼs buddy Friedman had a novel idea that he called neoliberalism, as I lay out in ʻThe Hidden History of Neoliberalism: How Reaganism Guttered Americaʼ; in 1981 it became the basis of the Reagan Revolution. In its essence, it said that one of the Seven Deadly Sins — greed — wasnʼt actually a sin at all. Greed, Friedman said, wasnʼt even a base human impulse that had to be controlled lest it destroy society. Instead, Friedman preached, greed was good. It animated business and drove consumers. If the economy and the government could just be turned over to those who were the most aggressively greedy, Friedman and his neoliberal colleagues argued, the result would be prosperity for all. By 1980, the (Conservative) Party had swallowed neoliberalism hook, line, and sinker. Reagan truly believed that greed alone could power (Canamerica) to success and prosperity. When Michael Douglas made his famous ʻgreed is goodʼ speech in the 1987 movie Wall Street, he was merely echoing the Reagan (Republicanazis) of the day. Thus, greed has become the animating principle that drives the entire (Conservative) Party of today. The only function of government, in their minds, should be to help the greediest in America make a buck”. 

Sanctified male supremacist greed was the prime motivator for Canamerica & Ill Cattolicoʼs abuse of Indigenous lives, culture, artifacts, land & languages, etc., which led to the modern white power mobsters again botching their half-assed attempts to disguise their own institutional avarice and cruel adoption of the residential school tragedies through their profitable expansion of the diabolical foster care nightmare thatʼs still stealing kids from their traumatized families, who just want to heal from what the settler societies did to their ancestors and their offspring. No wonder the First Nationsʼ wary reactions to the federalized whitewashing of Maple Leaf Inc.ʼs ongoing collusion with the UnHoly See has generally echoed Jasmine Girardʼs defiant and enlightened sentiment: “Rescind the doctrine of discovery, an apology without retribution holds no gravity. To think that horrible crimes were committed and no justice was ever served goes much farther than asking for forgiveness. Hold those accountable as was done for those involved in the war crimes of the Holocaust. The apology is another failed response that has a graver impact on the victim than the actual abuse itself. There is not one Indigenous person that hasnʼt been affected, myself included. It has been a very heavy week, and as a lot of hurt resurfaces, I send love to all our Indigenous community, residential survivors and ask Creator for peace to continue to walk our healing journeys”. 

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