I always like the holiday season. Sparkles, Lights and Santa are a few of my favourite things!

Last year I was on it. Handmade cards and gifts all ready to go. This year, I’m not all humbug but I’m not all on it either. Which is coo, I’m coo to let go!

However I must admit I baked a stollen! If you don’t know stollen, it is a sweet yeast bread with dried fruits and marzipan. I can go with a lot of things for it to feel like Christmas, but not eating stollen would feel odd. Like the holidays weren’t complete. The only time you can even find stollen is at Christmas. This year I was brave. I empowered myself and I made stollen!

The first attempt was O.K. You are supposed to let it sit, well wrapped for two weeks or more, but this was just a test run, to be O.K. with imperfection and make sure I trusted the recipe. We ate the first attempt. It was pretty good. I didn’t put the marzipan in it but the overall texture was about right.

So I tried again! This time I did put the marzipan in, and did the butter, icing sugar thing, and it is wrapped well and won’t be coming out till the new year. So empowering to be able the make my own stollen. Not to be at the mercy of the world around me to provide a stollen, which can be hard to find!

That being said my mom tends to bake a stollen for us every year. One year we had 4 different stollen from various bakeries, and my moms won the title, she makes good stollen! Danke Mom!!

I’m pretty serious about my stollen!

Any Holiday things that are more important than others for you?

I hope you get to enjoy them!

Happy Holidays and Danke so mucho for being here!


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P.S. It’s a photo of our ladder tree (danke pinterest) with @nicolamarierough ‘s hawt artwork in the background. More exciting things to come in the new year with Nicola!!

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