I was in a bit of a funk given we hardly had a one ridge yesterday. I don’t want to jinx it but today it glory. Triple ridger!

Please stay…don’t go away…sweet triple ridger day.

This oxygen is giving me life!!! Legit.

Now I have all the things to say.


For starters, I would like certain unFoxy news hosts to have to go thorough a Jan 6. simulator. One where they get to experience being the capitol police, being beaten, having heart attacks, nearly getting their eyes gouged out, that sort of thing. For hours. Then and only then may they speak on anything. Until then would somebody please shut them the fuck up. If you don’t know of what I speak, good for you. I just had to get it off my chest. FFS AHHHHHHHH it just highlights the larger problem and its just….so…jfdalgv larhgflvkahgf lcfbjdsalkjv

Done rant.

Anyhoooooo… now for my own confession. Just getting real with ya’ll today! Vunerability Baby!

It’s not something I’m proud of but….everytime it gets me….I always resist at first….but something lures me in…

The Olympics.

Cuz, well, I very much think the IOC is awful and a bunch of greedy super FOW bullies and the whole thing is ridiculous and the amount of money countries dish out, not to mention the trash and waste and the fact it is even happening with the Civid and how corrupt and just yuck and fuck off it all is.

But then the real life drama. The insane highs and lows of the athletes and their dreams either coming true or not in an instant and the stories and the stakes and the drama and the pagent and the tears and the rage and all the emotions of it all. Just gets me. Sucks me in. I cry at everything. If there is emotion I am there for it. I get annoyed at my own self for giving in and succumbing to it all. So, Yeah, there’s that.

Normally I close my evening with some Wild Earth on the tube in the background of my online game I play that is a confession for another day.

However, I have for the time being swapped Africa with Japan. I watch on CBC gem, and it is live real time morning there, so that is coo. Also CBC gem is pretty great if you don’t know about it. Free to sign up, and a goodly amount of content.

Oh Dear. Thats what I got today.

Do you Olympics?

Danke mucho for being here!


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