Court of public opinion changes as sound pollutions stays.

I find most of societies most of the time do not take noise pollution or its effects and consequences seriously. These honking #truckerfuckers are not being peaceful, they are very much disturbing all the peace with all the honking. There are these things called noise bylaws, which for some reason are not being given out….hmmmmm, curious eh?

While I don’t agree with the turdes either as he is just doubling down on being a bullying and not actually doing anything helpful or productive. Just his trying to win Oscars speeches. Not surprising.

I did some research and saw a video of Pee (thinks he’s a) King and the language he chose to use and his thick ignorance were beyond disturbing. Not surprising, but awful. Those of you who are cheering this on, are you aware that he is the man behind a lot of it? Have you listened to him speak?  Also by the sound of his lungs he is a prime intubator candidate.

Far as I can tell there is no side to be on as both sides are, in my opinion, idiots.

Mainly, I feel for those Ottawa residents who are having to live with the incessant noise pollution. To be quite frank and polarizing I’m pretty darn sure if I lived in an apartment there I would be throwing my shit (literally,shit) off my balcony at those trucks. Gross right?! I know but I just feel that the noise insanity would take me down a road to that place of throwing shit, actual shit.

Also, could the police be showing any clearer how racist they are?! If you are not sure of what I mean, perhaps there is more dismantling for you to do. Those truckers can’t figure out why many are calling them racist misogynists, it doesn’t mean they aren’t just because they are confused by it. They just don’t know what they don’t know, and what their white supremacy doesn’t care about or bother to learn. The more you say “I’m not a racist” as opposed to “I’m curious what it is about my behaviour you are finding racist, as I don’t want to be seen as such, so what can I learn in this moment.” (Minor brief example.)

To be clear when I say racist I don’t mean that I think they are part of the kkk or wear robes or burn crosses, that is just the imagery and idea that racists want you to think of so you never question how your own privileged white colonial behaviour might be crossing that line…. I hope you have heard this before and these are not new ideas. Because they are not, and if they are to you, then again perhaps a deep dive into your colonial self would be a nice thing to do for yourself.

Still fascinating. Still total bullshit, on both sides. Still not over.

Are you curious or have you moved on?

Danke for being here,


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