With Freakin’ Farnie in town recently for an awkward photo-op with our MIA MLA down at the Railtown station where you can’t catch a train to anywhere, it’s becoming more and more obvious that a misogynistic bully like his braying ass should never be in charge of anything to do with public safety. After blaming the Interiour Health Authoritarians for not taking care of their neglected Clubhouse that has been left to sink into disrepair for decades on the edge of downtown Nelsonia, fascistic Farnie is now exchanging friendly-fire with the Skeksis Mayor of Slurrey who called him a “misogynist” and a “bully” because they can’t agree which thin blue line force of armed gunmen will get to repress its poor citizens. In a true no-win situation, who should Surreyites trust more: McGollum’s personal vanity project cop squad; or the paramilitary Mounties designed to crush the Indigenous of Canamerica?

Heat Dome Horgsy earned his unflattering nickname during flailing Farnie’s watch as the top unsafe dog in Brutish Colonia, the Covid anti-masking debacle happened during his tenure, plus a significant increase in racist violent attacks marred the Nihilist Democrat’s shaky leadership, but somehow freak-show Farnie keeps his job as the most cop-like politician imaginable. Now obviously many of those macro issues are not totally under Farnie’s control, but when he refuses to show an ounce of compassion while engaging in verbal showdowns with various politicians whom he’s supposed to be able to get along with for the sake of his taxpaying bosses, it’s hard to show too much sympathy for a pigheaded buffoon that would rather blame others under his purview than work with them to find the solution he’s been hired to implement.

All the forlorn Clubhouse with its faded hummingbird sign really needs  is community support combined with financial cooperation from the feuding politicians to spruce up its sad decor and security arrangements so that its disenfranchised users can feel proud and safe in their designated welcome-spot. Dignity and understanding go a long way towards making people feel better about their unprivileged economic lives, whereas the bandaid insanity practiced by our current savage imperial gatekeepers fails every time. Instead of working together to solve the problem, here in gentrified Nelsonia where no-one seems to like the hippiecrite haven of Caucasian privilege that it’s become other than its cultish power-mongers with vested interests,  the residential neighbours around the battered Clubhouse have chosen to be combative while giving conservative-minded interviews to the right-wing national Glob & Male newspaper even though they pretend to be progressive do-gooders, proving yet again that the illiberal left is as cancel-culture friendly as the neocon christo-fascists.

Continuing in the vein of privileged politicians belly-aching instead of activating, Mayor B&B and MP Cranbrook Cop joined the howling chorus of naysayers along with foolhardy Farnie to dogpile on the Interiour Health Authoritarians with multiple softball media interviews, but it doesn’t seem like any of them picked up a phone and made a call or four to each other that might have improved the situation before selling out their WASPy peers and kicking off another round of unproductive internecine sniping. The predictably defiant Nelson Police State insists that they can’t deal with the illegal drug-taking and lethal selling occurring around the Clubhouse due to their despised Nü Demonic Party’s decriminalization kick, but even the corporate-idolizing Glob & Male called the racist keystone cops of the White Heritage City’s disingenuous position “rubbish”.

Above all, we need local community activists to care about the Sinixt’s matriarchal authority over this stolen land, other than the belatedly decolonizing Nelson Museum or the Executive Dictator of the Capitalist Theatre who was also involved in the establishment of the anti-Indigenous museum. Such witchy two-faced manipulators are either too stupid to realize that they’re asinine attempts to do good are hurtful and disrespectful to the original inhabitants around the Valley of the Lost Souls, or they are complicit agents of the Manmoron agenda built to squash and demean those who were here before deadly contact. Rather than heeding the righteous authority inherent in the Matriarchs of the Autonomous Sinixt, we are left with cowardly white male power devotees such as fatuous Farnie.