Human Math

Trying to figure out
the current human math.
Which for an empathic brain
is quite the task.

Obviously white is worth most
and at the top.

Not surprising.

When will that stop?
if ever….

Then followed by who?

In the current conditions
is it the Ukrainians before the Russians?
Or the other way around?

Look to the oligarchy
there the math will be found.

I suppose still up in the air
are the Arabs and the Jews.
Which lives are worth more in
your local news?

Then their are the
Sudanese and other Africans too,
are they on the lowest rung?
Who is amplifying their horrors?
Virtually no one.

For anyone still keeping score
we hardly mention Afghan women and children anymore.

And all the indigenous around the globe
into their struggles do we probe?

or just move on and forget

There is more to these equations
I have no doubt.

Are there still others we don’t hear about?

When the media locks us out,
then determines what plight
we are currently about.

I’m not good at math.
I may not have it right.

Yet how can we care for others
when we can’t even fight
for what is good for ourselves?

Is this social experiment
ready to bust
right open
and reveal the ugly truth
about how we do our human math?

Wondering are there less options for our path
to stay caring?

So many are desperate
how can we keep sharing
our vulnerability with each other
when we just scroll so fast
past all the everythings,
what help to us can these equations bring?

So when the math proves
it doesn’t add up,
will we keep trying

—-Lisel Lady Beastie