I am so darn proud of myself for getting another video uploaded! All of it will get easier and less monumental but the beginning is the beginning and it is just beginning!

Also I took a look at my website analytics today which I never do, but I did and I was so darn excited about the number of views the site is getting! Thank you all so much for checking it out and coming back! To venture off the socials to this content means a great deal to me and I truly thank you for the support!

Don’t forget to like and share and subscribe because all that really makes a huge difference and is mucho appreciated!!

Really digging the thumbnail I chose for this video.

Danke so super mucho for being here!!


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P.S. but it’s actually kinda sad that we need to have an international women’s day…Are not all days women day?! I know I get it, it’s still makes me feel a way though…..

Also turdes has finally ditched the euremo hair!! I guess going to Europe with the euremo was the straw too far!!