Soooo the title expresses where this blog is going but I think it is important to start with the hard stuff today.

That is about democracy.

Now I am one of the first to admit that I am not necessarily the biggest cheerleaders of democracy.

Not because I don’t like the premise of it, I definitely believe the people should have the right to vote, and have choice etc. it’s just that the world wasn’t so complicated when that concept was imagined. Re-renaissance is something I have been bringing up for a while now. I really think we need to revamp it all. Like all of it. Everything, all of it. Like I mean all of it. How we live on this world, how we decide who governs, and what gets governed and how. How we build communities, get our food, travel, live on the planet…all of it.

I know that seems big and hard and crazy but right now we are all living behind the 8 ball, instead of calling the shots and looking towards the future in an innovative and progressive way. If we are so frickin smart as the human race then lets prove it.

How can anything ever change, if nothing ever changes?

Yes all of this is coming up again because of the midterms in ‘merica. Did you pay attention to any of that? Why? Why not?

Too often I hear people say, they don’t care, about ‘merica, or politics, or politics in ‘merica,  out of annoyance, indifference or perhaps fear I guess.

However, we really all should be paying attention. Because unfortunately the ole u.s. of a. constantly  declares themselves a big deal and major player on the world stage and so what happens there unfuckingfortunately affects us all.

Imagine if the red wave had happened, how that would have empowered the rest of the world to fuck with women’s rights, worse then they already do.  And that unfuckingfortunately is just one tiny example.

The schiesse is actually terrifying.

So perhaps we all dodged a bullet. Maibe. Hopefully.

Perhaps we can thank the lunar eclipse beaver full moon. (according to insta, that was probs it)

I like to think it was women who went and voted because their basic rights to be a person were on the line.

But it’s not over, it’s all still got a long way to go. We need to be paying attention. Not looking the other way when it doesn’t suit our hep insta stories, or does, but only in a performative no actual action kinda way.

Just carrying on is certainly not going to help any of the situations.

And sometimes when you think you are up on it and doing the right thing, based on your research, you get yourself into a situation where you are oh so wrong, you need to take stock, take a moment, learn and begin again.

Like my packing for this trip.

I really did think I had done a great job. I stared early and thought it through. And then I super did not do a great job. I guess being fall in Nelson, it was perhaps hard to imagine how hot it would be here.

And so half, yes half of my suitcase has clothes I really don’t think I am going to wear down here and I am  pondering why I didn’t pack that second sarong…

It’s hard to imagine situations when you are not in them.

But with life and all the things it is something we need to learn to do better so we can do better.

Otherwise half of your wardrobe is unwearable and you are left wondering how you got it so wrong.

Something to always remember: even paradise has cockroaches.

Danke so mucho for your extras clicks to get here.

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