After ignoring the truth that the Autonomous Sinixt are not ʻextinctʼ, white-nationalist Nelsoniaʼs idea of reconciliation is to do absolutely nothing at all for decades on end. Despite being recognized as one of the top-five most racist municipalities in Brutish Colonia by reported police-state stats, the conceited CoN pretends that Indigenous peoples do not live in present-day Greater Albertamerica, while its jerks act like theyʼre the best white-heritage country club that has ever existed. Just cuz they donʼt wear hoods, it doesnʼt make them any less white supremacist. If anything, theyʼre worse than the Kx3 because they parade their brazen prejudices out in the open for everyone to see, while being paid by their delusional WASP voters who have convinced themselves theyʼre leftists liberals, when theyʼre actually conservative despisers of anything which doesnʼt suit their selfish white-bred desirousness for more and more material wealth to stash away in their hedge-funds and land-holding profiteer portfolios that hurt First Nations. 

All this racial bias against our racialized non-white residents by the unmasked CoN ruled by legacy Canucks comes at a time when the Ghoulie Gangʼs unwelcome reoccupation of Shitty Hall has led to a systemic collapse of our public safety, wherein the civic capstone utterly failed to address any pandemic-worsened crises, as they flounder in their unholy quest to maintain their vampiric hold on elective power at all costs to please their privileged, entitled & elitist constituent snobs who only care about themselves and power. If we donʼt have adequate public safety in a fascistic authoritarian hamlet, what do we have? As John Stoehr from Raw Story writes, “If those who govern fail to stem the spread of deadly infectious disease, they have failed politically. In effect, they have undermined the (state). As a result, those who govern are closer to a ruling elite indifferent to the peopleʼs suffering on account of the people, as long as they suffer, cannot and therefore do not mount resistance to the ruling elite”. Sound familiar, Nelsonians? 

The corrupted CoN “is probably best characterized as a ʻfragile state.ʼ According to the World Bank, ʻfragile statehood exists in situations where there is low level of government performance, where state institutions are weak or on the verge of collapse and where the state either fails to perform core roles or performs them wholly inadequatelyʼ”. The drugged and drunk citizens of the totalitarian CoN think they live in a democracy because their ʻcityʼ is part of Brutish Colonia and Canamerica, which everyone says are democracies. “But a democracy leaving its people alone to face death by the covid is a democracy straining the very meaning of the word. Indeed, itʼs fragile. As fragile as the health and wellbeing of the people. When those who govern care for the people, they care for democracy. When they donʼt, they donʼt.” How many masks are being worn in the cowardly CoN right now, while our poor hospital is enduring an outbreak? Not many! 

We know that Indigenous and non-white people are more dangerously affected by both government-endorsed poverty and the covid variants in a colonial nation that sadistically incarcerates its young First Nationsʼ women more than any other demographic, even though they are still suffering from the harms of residential schools, the sixties scoop & foster-care abuse, etc., yet how many anti-mask whites seem to be fine with all the non-white pain and suffering that exists outside their daily realm of ʻcivilizedʼ comprehension? How much has the undemocratic CoN ever done to advocate and activate for the reinstatement of the Autonomous Sinixt as a local treasure worthy of community representation? Nutty Nelsonia worships the miners, the loggers, the dammers, the oilers & the destructive like, but what has it ever done for the greatest asset thatʼs ever existed in this bountiful basket of resourceful wealth that could be enjoyed sustainably by all of us for many more millennia? 

If we were wise enough to follow the Autonomous Sinixt way which theyʼve spelled out for us in books, maps, videos, songs & websites, etc., their cultural ethos could be the salvation for our tourist-trap economy. Instead, the anti-Indigenous Ghoulies still relegate our original inhabitants to a footnote on the sidelines of history, where theyʼre patronizingly mentioned just once at the beginning of each council meeting, before being discarded and forgotten yet again by Shitty Hallʼs bigoted Manmorons who condescendingly debate mutually relevant subjects such as future land-use, climate extreming, environmental exploitation & water rights without them. 

Now if there was no way for the prejudiced Ghoulie Mob to sort out these human-rights issues based on what theyʼd slough off as unpredictable macro factors beyond their limited control, how can the City Mangler, the turfed Chief Finagler, the Creep of Police & the Crooked Mayor explain away the much larger and more complex City of Edmontoniaʼs ability to put together a heartfelt plan that would go a long way towards solving the problems created hereabouts by nepotistic Nelsoniaʼs need to reward its own brethren while rejecting anyone who doesnʼt fit their bill of a cold-blooded capitalist stooge who bows down to their unchecked villainy? As Omaʼs Cron rages through his aging corporeal body due to Shitty Hallʼs own negligent malfeasance, Lord Ghoulie was preening once again with his in-house corporate cops for the cameras of the civic-aligned Daily Snooze, showing off his deep love of the thin blue line while him and the fuzz celebrated how awesome they are at not protecting public safety which theyʼre paid by us to do. 

While the flailing CoN struggles for years just to replace its unsafe rotting dock, by refreshing contrast Edmontoniaʼs ambitious “new plan is about looking at public safety in a 21st-century context,” according to Councillor Sarah Hamilton, “(as) it’s proposing to eliminate racism, repair relationships with Indigenous people, prevent crime, and end poverty”. For the staff-led plan, “administration is asking council to approve funding in 2022 in several areas: $1.5 million for micro grants for community non-profits, $1 million for an Indigenous-led shelter, $1 million for extreme weather response and $1.5 million toward the integrated call and dispatch centre”. This is called taking preventative and reconciliatory action to right the wrongs of the imperial past, but all Ghouls & the Gang can brag about is how hard it is for them to fulfill their mandate to protect our public safety above all other materialistic money matters that really turn their greedy cranks. 

Can you imagine a subservient hypocrite in Count Ghoulieʼs puerile cult that rushes to say no to any socially progressive populist campaign saying things like, “I think this is the first time we’ve really brought it together, which does make it lofty, which makes it very extremely ambitious, overwhelming, daunting — all of that,ʼ Councillor Tang said, ʻbut that’s the nature of systemic work”; or how about, “now, the new strategy sets the tone for a way forward,ʼ Hamilton elaborated, “I think it gives us that opportunity to take back the narrative on what our city can be and how the best part — our sense of collaboration, our sense of inclusion — can help us overcome something that I think previous generations have described as inescapable and inevitable”? If you listen to the Ghoulies, theyʼd never say anything like, “this is only the start of a broader commitment, as efforts to become more compassionate and inclusive will be ongoing”, would they? 

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