As the site says; life, entertainment and all the things.

Def jam has been on the political side as of late.

Because I like to check out the things I find the little nuggets you may not have.

Today is one of those days with a nugget. Yesterdays article was quite the nugget as well.

I don’t actually have a T.V. or watch ‘merican idol however, if you know me you can understand, I love the audition part of the show. A new season just started, so it’s sweet audition time. I watch it on the y-tube if yer interested.

Then this happened. Tears. So good. You can watch the actual audition, which is heart wrenchingly good also, but I figured Taylor could use the view on his channel more! #supportartists

So I’m sharing, you are welcome.



Danke for being here,


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