Sooooo, you know that project I have been teasing with some photos etc. Well it is not quite ready for your viewing pleasure yet but I’m going to spill a few more beans!!

Last April I had the opportunity to work with Jeremy Grant, who is the hero of this story. He is first and foremost a kind and generous human, also an award winning film maker, and I am so grateful to get to be in his orbit.

Together, from Jeremy’s script, we created this beautiful short movie called ‘The First Dance’. I am so darn proud of it and I am so excited to get to share it with you! When it is time to share I will, don’t worry!!

Anyhoooo it looks like if you blinked you missed my link I shared, however we are apparently still keeping it low key for now! Good things that are exciting were in the link that was there briefly and one day will be again!!

Thank you Jeremy and to the cast and the crew, who were all so delightful and top notch humans, what an opportunity. Sitting here in sweat and gratitude. So appreciative. Oh my!! ( For what?! Guess you’ll have to stay tuned!!)

Thoughts and good vibes for more to come for our awesome little short movie!!


Danke for being here!!


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