Love on the Spectrum is back with season 2 on the Nflix and it couldn’t have come at a better time!

When I wrote my little list last week I had no idea there was a season 2 in the works for Love on the Spectrum and I was so happily surprised last night!

I already read all the spoilers for the season. My research also concluded I am not the only one who loves this show!! (I needed to know about Michael and if it worked out for him!I won’t spoil it for you, you can choose to do that on your own!) What did I do before spoilers? I also get heavy on the scroll where you can see the images of what’s coming up next, I generally like to know ahead of time who shows are sadistically going to kill so I can prepare myself or decide if I want to keep watching! Again not sure how I managed without this.

Remember when we all literally had to wait until the next week to find out what was happening on our favourite shows! A cliff hanger kept us guessing and curious and talking to each other all about it. Twas a simpler time back then….

Anyhooooo, I love Love on the Spectrum. I can relate so deeply to the cast. When they talk about their autism I can very much relate. I feel like my brain works and thinks differently and I very often don’t feel human and don’t feel a part of society or like I even want to be because it makes no sense to me. I think having something to name that difference like Autism can help people feel less alone and part of something bigger, one can identify easier with things when there is something to help explain them. I don’t have a label to grasp onto with my own brain tendencies and the ride is not easy. With a label people don’t question you as much, it helps them to understand. I am just different, with not a lot of explanation. So ‘crazy’ or the now woke ‘mental health’ are society’s own labels they like to self place on me. Otherwise how do I make any sense!

Anyhoo, If you are looking for something to warm your heart this fall, I highly recommend Love on the Spectrum on the Nflix.

I also want to mention it’s not like I’m all pro Nflix, like they are some great thing. They aren’t. However I like entertainment and I don’t have cable or a T.V. so I needed to make a choice. Mzon can go fuck right off. How do they make documentaries about anything when they are such an awful and globally destructive company?! C-rave or H-lu? Are they any better? Le pomme T.V. is it any better? What do you use for your entertainment?

Danke for being here,


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