Imagine if the ‘People in Power’

actually had compassion and

empathy and could admit

past and present wrong doings

and learn and move forward

and actually care

and support the people

they claim to want to

or use a lot or words to make it seem like they do?

Imagine if ‘people in power’

Spoke Truth

Embraced Proof

Were Not Aloof

Actually listened

and gave a moment to give in

to the realities they would rather not take in

or see

As they know those realities


they aren’t who they claim to be

It’s happening all around us

On all planes big and small

This Scheisse affects everyone

This Scheisse affects us all

Hey ‘power people’



At some point you’ll know you’ve been seen

At which point I wonder

what ground will you stand on

who will you choose to be

Perhaps this time compassion wins

and we can bask in empathy

IMAGINE it could be

#truthandreconciliation #restorativejustice #imagine