A musician insisted at her recent Vancougar concert that everyone has to wear a mask at her Nelsonia date, because every headliner she knows whoʼs played here has gotten the pandemic variant. This comes at a time when a dental assistant asserts that everybody she knows in her age-bracket has a cold or covid, and sheʼs among the contingent of young adult locals born and raised hereabouts who now lament how much their childhood shangri-la has been messed up by the dark forces of bourgeois white privilege. Most everyone in white-bred Greater Albertamerica has gotten the bug, whereas many residents of multiracial Cascasia havenʼt, which must have something to do with the acceptance of masks and vaccines on the coast, despite what the Kooky Freedom Cult would have you believe on the civil record according to their perverted leader, no? 

Thereʼs an emerging awareness online that the patriarchal CoN is spoiled by male supremacism, as incredulous users wonder whatʼs up with snobby Nelsonia and all its establishment whiteness on the socials. This flaw was proven back in the relatively innocent summer of 2020, when the cocky CoN was banking on their elitist delusions that a bubble of wishful thinking would magically protect our vulnerable lives from a biblical plague. Years ago, Nelsonia was in Cascasia; now, itʼs been invaded by Greater Albertamerica. The large majority of our citizenry donʼt care about their fellows, only themselves, so when they learned that whiter people get less sick, it enabled them to decree that theyʼre done with covid — even though itʼs not done with our non-white populace. White power takes precedence over Indigenous freedom, as settlers fight for their self-declared lack of freedoms while they deny the Autonomous Sinixt et al these same legal rights. 

The Art Fart who harasses women on the street and built the fugly Capitalistic Theatre sign is the misogynist represented by Councillor Bump-on-a-Log who belatedly realizes, “when you look at the protests and the rallies it is easy to assume that the people come from all over the region, which might be true, but there is a big contingent from right in the city itself… one of the things we should consider as councillors, or maybe at the council table itself, is to do a little more listening to this community”. Instead of focussing on the maelstrom of viral negligence flying about the airwaves of our tension-filled settlement that is ignorantly oblivious to the paternal sickness all around us, the Log Lady brags about how he listened to the freedom fruckers who see themselves as the victims because they donʼt want to do whatʼs best for our neighbours when he wails, “I just think that we lose connection… if we donʼt (listen), it is at our own peril as a community, as much as a council”. Itʼs not the disease and most everyoneʼs willingness to get it thatʼs imperiling our bewildered townsfolk and decadent Shitty Council, according to Ranger Rick, itʼs the dubious fact that Art Fartʼs fighters of freedom are ʻunheardʼ. 

For if we imperil one of the worst Shitty Councils this fascistic ʻcityʼ has ever seen, would anybody care, and would we be worse off in any way? Does Log Bump care about his law-abiding citizens, or just saving his overt mayoral ambitions? Besides, with a critical election coming up this fall, arenʼt they all lame ducks with waning powers at this point, with nothing to lose or gain other than tragically being reelected? Does Bumpy Log give a damn about how his asinine political cartel ignores and mistreats our Indigenous locals, or does he only care about the creep insanely in charge of MP Cranbrook Copʼs religious freedom con-men who never stand up for our First Nationsʼ original freedoms? 

We wrote herein that the Ghoulie Gang hates the mask and vaccine mandates as much as Smellisonsʼ protest party, and that they only clamoured for their implementation when Wormtongueʼs precious tourist-trap businesses were under threat to lost visitor numbers; but now theyʼre in a trap of their own making, with thousands of radical convoy supporters on one side, and those who try to obey the laws of common sense on another. And even if Lady Log gets his way and the anti-vaxxers are ʻlistenedʼ to, is the imperial CoN really going to turn against the majority of its voters and Brutish Coloniaʼs Nihilist Democrats? Thereʼs a reason Nelsoniaʼs WASPy naysayers are so emboldened, and thatʼs because our nefarious leadership mob has been racially prejudiced from the start. 

Since 2020, most of this patronizing sadistic hamlet didnʼt take our planetary emergency seriously in any way, misled by the loony-tunes upper management henchmen who chose to focus on how lovely their shortsighted financial report looked on Ghoulieʼs coffee-table for his golfing buddies to slobber on after their latest round. Backyard bunnies and sticking up for unmasked jackboot brownshirt corporate-cops who persecuted our tourists, mothers & homeless were the order of the day in covert Ghoulieville, where the incompetent Manmorons who yearned last fall to house a speedboat in a multi-million dollar handout to their construction hockey buds down at the civic squareʼs rotting dock have resorted to hammering down spray-painted plywood sheets to cover up the holes in their swiss-cheese minds, while their ʻconstituentsʼ brace for an uncivil war of words in which no-one gets along. 

Nelsonians seem to have a death-wish inclination to take needless risks with their bodies and lives on a daily basis as it is, so perhaps theyʼre so willing to throw it all away on the virusʼ russian-roulette wheel just to get more ripped at the meatheadsʼ meat-market or that much more sloshed at the boozy bar, because most know they have exclusive support networks to take care of them if they fall sick and canʼt work. Itʼs easy to risk lives if you have a safety-net willing to hold you up, especially those support teams who arenʼt as kind and generous to non-white folks outside their own whites-only social circles, which are far more culturally conservative than theyʼll ever let on behind the mask. 

The psycho CoNʼs lackadaisical attitude towards the health of anyone less entitled than them comes at a drastic time when staffing shortages in hospitals are still closing rural ERs, nurses are “burnt out”, surgery backlogs havenʼt caught up & the massive labour shortfall in Dixieland creates situations wherein a respected reliable family-doctor retires after decades and his clinic canʼt find a replacement to keep his loyal patients in-house. 

You can vote for the weaponized Ghoulies who adhere to the Queen Consortʼs faithless idea of Victorian amorality as they spurn the ancient inhabitants of this stolen land in favour of coddling the depraved Dear Leader of their racist anti-freedom fraternity which haunts our toxic mean streets if you like. But, youʼll be complicit when they steer their occupying armed force towards evermore whiter pastures while thumbing their noses at the concept of a multiracial democracy that respects the inherent liberties of our Indigenous residents who are still denied the freedom to exist as non-ʻextinctʼ members of whitewashed Canamerica. 

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