A minority of Mayor Ghoulieʼs businesses disagree so much with him, his council, our MLA, Dixie, DBH & Halifax Horgsy that theyʼre willing to sign up to a pathetically private Facebox page that opposes the CoNʼs public pleadings to get vaxxed, or else youʼre banned from high society. Even their own cryptmaster, Wormtongue himself, reluctantly supports a vaccine mandate. For the anti-vaxxport crowd, how do you plan to convert anyone to your almost 100% white-volk ʻMy Body is a Freedomlandʼ utopia when you donʼt have a presentable plan to solve the pandemic crises of our lifetime, other than protesting with your fellow super-spreaders by a highway intersection and hooting and hollering at the sick logging trucks who honk back while hauling the last of the Incomappleux Valleyʼs finest old-growth away forever, when no-one can access your top-secret clubhouse website unless they sign up to Zuckʼs plan to insult his female classmates with endless seed-funding from the CIA for obvious reasons that escape those who succumb to his dastardly spell of societal deceit and content theft? If youʼre cheering for bad drivers going by who are likely just passing through town, how are you gonna convince the majority of pro-vaxxers in a populace that paid no attention to your speechless frenzy of standing around doing nothing on the roadside as it duly wondered why the absent CoN permitted such a violation to take place on its hallowed haunting grounds? 

If that had been a crowd of indigenous protesters there today condemning Touchstone Museumʼs egregious mishandling of its Autonomous Sinixt relationship due to the CoNʼs willfully ignorant white supremacy from jump street, how would those same privileged elitists have reacted to the snarled traffic and what would the vehicles cruising by have done with no active police deterrence other than try to run them down? Would the copsʼ passivity have been the same with just a couple of silently parked squad cars and no visible officers present? The fact that the CoN just let that horror show occur unabated outside its Shitty Hall in the week before school is back in session when Ghoulie himself disagreed (on the surface!) with the radicalsʼ defiance of public health orders indicates to all the land how egregiously negligent these local authorities are in regards to doing their mandated duty to protect its lost citizenry above all other political considerations. 

Youʼve got 35 businesses and counting in the mafioso-like Crypt of Commerce who dare to disagree with Wormtongueʼs public pronouncements in support of vaccine passports (even though heʼs worried about their implementation), so what are the other 450-plus businesses in his tomb going to do with their separatist allies? Will they publicize to the community which businesses are pro-vaxx mandate and which arenʼt? Will we all dress up in colours like teams — pink versus purple? — and fight via gang warfare over who gets to go into which business to see who supports freedom and their bodies more than the other? Will the majority of voters get out their pitchforks and torches and toss the dissenting minority off of Pulpit Rock? Do we all go through everyoneʼs Facebox photos and posted videos of the Freedom To Be a Super-Spreader Rally today and pick out who weʼll never talk to on the street again? Do we forgive and forget, and hope that weʼll forget who was on what side and who wore which colours when all is said and honked? 

The image of Ghoulieʼs shrouded ghostly museum looming over the IHʼs future Covid cases in the flesh as they protested and broke BCʼs health rules while sorta respecting traffic laws will forever haunt our town like establishment whiteness haunts the nation, and this picture-perfect aptness is a surefire symbol of how things are not looking up for the future harmony of the CoNʼs divided family cartel and their fearfully divisive clientele. 

Youʼd think someone with liable power in this hellhole would speak up against such malice towards healthcare workers and our community wellness, as the conservative blowhards are in Kelowna through their public media forums; but no, not one person in Dooleyville, from the Mayor to the MLA to the IHAʼs spokespeople to Wormtongue, had anything to say about blatant lawbreakers harming our community right before our eyes in broad daylight. What was committed was a mass crime in the public eye, and no-one got so much as a bylaw violation, or a jaywalking ticket, or a public nuisance citation from anyone on the thin blue line in a uniform. What an eternal disgrace! The same CoN that endorses twenty-something keystone rail cops harassing, endangering, persecuting & arresting its poor drug-using homeless population in a pandemic is fine with outlaws, anarchists & nihilists selfishly parading as responsible citizens when theyʼre rogues in sheepleʼs clothing corrupted by disinformation, heartache & fearfulness. An ill protest organized by out-of-province healthcare workers against our own provinceʼs healthcare workers, and a thousand plus Nelsonites buy the hype and chug the Delta-laced kool-aid! How do any of the sad BC municipalities who evidently allowed and/or enabled this madness ever live down their tarnished reputations as intolerantly fascistic tourist traps? 

If anyoneʼs wondering why there were no noticeable counter-protestors at the corner of Vernon and Ward, they didnʼt want to be shoved, spat on, berated or assaulted like the masked hero in K-town while wisely making a health decision to avoid super-spreaders! 

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