Time is moving so weirdly these days. Perhaps it’s the summer.  Summer can make time do odd things. Remember when you were young and a day seemed to last a week? That kind of thing.

Are you experiencing this right now?

I also realize this time warpedness has to do with being in a new place and a different routine. Which is I guess the whole”vacation” situation. It has been a while since I have found myself in this situation. Vacationy situation. I have found in the past that vacations can feel so fast. Like how did the day get away from us and is it that time already? Which is also kinda happening but then it also feels like I am in some kind of loop that if you said I had been doing this for years, that would feel true too.

And oh how I have missed the ocean….it has been to long away from it. I am feeling drawn to it’s movement and change and smell and vastness and oh. Grateful to be having this time!

On a fun side note, ‘The First Dance” has picked up another laurel for best director(s) at the Roma Short Film Festival, which is in Rome Italy!!! What a gift that keeps giving! Gosh.

Danke to you for making the long, far, difficult journey from the socials over to here. Means a lot to me and I appreciate you more than the social corporations do. Danke.

Lady Beastie

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