Oh Hola!

It always feels like it has been a while these days!

So nice to say hi and visit though, don’t ya think?!

How are ya’ll doing out there in these interesting times?

Things are going pretty good here. Still all give and take though. Some real good and some challenging.

Like the wedding that happened the other night in a venue just down the street. The wedding part is nice to think of. However the live music which was tbh not good, oh dear the female singer was almost never on key. Real amazing in some ways to hear someone really going for it and just really not great, which most times I would say props to her for just going for it. In this case however it was real loud. Real loud. And they played for almost 8 hrs till 4 am….quite the thing that I am really hoping does not repeat itself!

So remember that post I did where I talked about the crocodiles?! Whelp the other day as we were walking to the beach we saw one in the lagoon!

So crazy! No fences, could have very easily just headed on down to Playa Pricipal, made its way into the ocean and caused the same havoc as the other one did! We didn’t stick around to find out and headed over to La Ropa.

It was interesting to actually see one there as we have heard for months that they live there and every time we walk by we stop and see if we can see one and then we did!!

Lately we have been putting in the extra steps to head to La Ropa beach. It really is lovely with it’s pristine water. Feels more like a typical vacation beach than our Playa Los Bebes we had been regulars at. It feels good to switch it up. Almost like it is a new trip. Also there are way more gringos and flaunted wealth at La Ropa, give and take….

With this really being the last leg of our trip the what’s next question has started to arise.

I am readying myself for a whole big vulnerable post about it…But I’m still gestating and also La Playa is calling! I will have some big questions to ask you!! So I hope you stick around and get ready for that whole thing!!

Danke so mucho for being here! For reals. I appreciate you.

It really would mean a lot if you signed up for the weekly emails….please do if you haven’t already! It helps to support this atypical offbeat website adventure!

Hope all is well wherever you are and that you are safe from crocodiles!!

Lady Beastie