Jeffrey David Forst is an award-winning writer, director, producer & actor who starred
as Billy Flynn in “Chicago”, Dennis Dupree in “Rock of Ages” & Anatoly Sergievsky in
“Chess”; in addition to playing Rapunzelʼs Prince in “Into the Woods”, Clifford Anderson
in “Deathtrap” & Owen Melville in “The Melville Boys”. Among many other triumphs, he
has directed “Romeo & Juliet”, “Bedtime Rhymes”, “A Midsummer Nightʼs Dream” &
“Puss in Boots”, plus dozens more hit shows including the successful staging of scripts
written with his wife Lisel such as “Foreplay” and “Cop-Shop/Grow-Op”. Their bisexual
erotic novels, “The Breeding Hut” & “The Tempting Fruit”, are available from this site.


STAGED PLAY SCRIPTS by Jeffrey David Forst (email for rights!)

Foreplay (written with Lisel Forst)
A golf foursome of two women and two men turns into a debauched party for the ages.

Cop-Shop/Grow-Op (performed with Lisel Forst)
An on-duty cop has sex with the grow-show artist who lives beside his police station.

Puss in Boots (played by Lisel Forst, based on the fairy-tale by Charles Perrault)
A faithful adaptation of the feline classic set in the realm of Appledale on Catfish Lake.

Aliceʼs Adventures in Wonderland (adapted from the novella by ʻLewis Carrollʼ)
A traditional version of the nonsensical book based on the words of its madcap author.

PUBLISHED NOVELS by Jeffrey David Forst (click here to get a copy!)

The Breeding Hut (written with Lisel Forst – X-rated)
Mariana comes of age on a lost tropical island where the women rule their male slaves.

The Tempting Fruit (written with Lisel Forst – X-rated)
In the companion piece to ʻThe Breeding Hutʼ, Mariana learns what Mainland life is like.


2021/ʼ22 SCREENPLAYS by Jeffrey David Forst (email for a read!)

Pacific Drift (Historical Fantasy – PG-13)
A ninja pirate and a samurai guard awake from unconsciousness as fierce rivals on a
battle-scarred fishing boat adrift from Kyoto with two hatching dragon eggs onboard.

Theseus & Hippolyta (Ancient Epic – PG-13)
The Duke of Athens plots to kidnap the Queen of the Amazons, but she flips the script
by launching a counter-strike that ignites their daring relationship and a political coup.

Stoned Angel (Modern Drama – R)
A rural doctor bonds with his dangerous gangster patient in a roughhewn timber-town.

Ocean of Wolves (Timeless Adventure – PG-13)
A love-triangle develops between a mainland princess, an island handmaiden & a deepsea
diver that is forbidden to exist by law in their three adversarial yet interwoven tribes.

The Industrialist (Political Fantasia – R)
A demon summoned by the worldʼs first fossil-fuel titan takes over its host to rule us all.

Touching the Earth (Spiritual Sex-Comedy – R)
A modern retelling of Buddha being tempted by Maraʼs three lascivious ladies at a rave.

Venus a Go Go (Steamy Romcom – R)
The mellow owner of a waterfront pub falls for the fiery manager of an uptown strip-club.

The Green Goddesses (Action Thriller – R)
An urban cartel of feminist cannabis growers outfoxes their lethal competitive threats.

Pacifica Fields (Artistic Farce – PG-13)
Unable to perform live theatre in the big city during a pandemic lockdown, a straightlaced
thespian moves across the ocean to join the racy drama troupe at Pacifica Fields.

Red Cedar & the Wild Rose (Autobiographical Love-Story – R)
A jock writer from the coast meets a creative alpine ski-racer at a grungy house party.

Silk Cowboy (Samurai Western – R)
A rancher from Japan riles up Wild Westerners by stealing the hearts of their women.

Gold & Cinders (New-Wave Spoof – PG-13)
A bike courier pines for a brunette actress while being pursued by a bevy of blondes.

Slocan Crossing (LGBTQ2+ Dramedy – PG-13)
A schoolmistress and a blacksmith shock their bigoted dam town with a gay love-affair.

The Studio Head & I (Cinematic Homage – PG-13)
An emerging married screenwriter begins an intimate friendship with his movieʼs boss.

Wood & Metal (Feng-Shui Allegory – PG)
The Green Dragon and the White Tiger bond over their masterful skills in martial-arts at
the Snake Womanʼs dojo, where they befriend the young Red Phoenix and Black Turtle.

A Dream In A Dream (Stuntwoman Showcase – R)
The new bodyguard for a Hollywood North celebrity becomes the starʼs latest girl-crush.

Flower Crowns (Party Pic – R)
An ex-nurse and a resigning teacher defy pandemic burnout at a wild Beltane festival.

Beastie (Musical Mockumentary – PG-13)
A rock goddess is freaked out by post-pandemic crowds, so she moves her tour into the
country where she live-streams shows and develops feelings for her longtime manager.

International Hijinks (Risqu  Camp – R)
A middle-aged therapist and his moviemaker wife join a pro skier on tour in Eurasia.

The Dirty Rascal (Medieval Mystery – PG-13)
A con artist teams up with her master-of-disguise king to root out the traitor in his ranks.