Do you ever go to start something for a really long time. Like really long. Like most of your life long. Then start to think mayhaps I don’t want to do that thing that I think I have wanted to for so long. Like do I have to do that thing?! I have been happy, have I not?! and I haven’t been doing that thing, so how much happier really can that thing make me. Will I really feel so much better. Will it really be the magic that brings it all together?! By gosh I have pondered upon it. Spent so much time beditating and thinking about it. Other people seem to do it. No problem. Like yup, they wanted to and made a decision and now do it and do it routinely and it’s great. I still think I am going to start. Baby steps, like maybe just one component…..or nope, I’ve tried that, I’ve thought about that, Ok well then, I need to go whole hog. (Odd saying) All in. Just do it. Just start. Just stop thinking about it and just start. Maybe tomorrow.

#justdoit #doihaveto