The picture just seemed to fit the mood lately!

And also new Survivor season started!! I watch it online on Global TV, but one has to watch it within a week of airing or it becomes locked, just a heads up if you are curious!

I love Survivor. All the human stuff that is so fascinating and also being in Fiji is wonderful. Also cute Jeff Probst, who is 60 btw!! Omj!

Quick flix review:

‘Pieces of Her’ – was pretty good. I don’t normally venture into mystery dramas but I enjoy Toni Collette so I gave it a go. It was pretty good. Toni was good. I’d rate it a “why not” on the scale of to watch or not!

Currently in the middle of Inventing Anna. Well everyone else was doing it…so I did too. I’m not really a Shonda fan and in fact never really watch any of her programs, but this is going ok. I’ll let you know when I finish.

I had a pretty good time with ‘Young Wallander’. I liked the end and would give it a “yeah, do it” on the watch scale!!

What’s on your watch list lately? Are you a Survivor fan?

Hope you have a grateful weekend.

Danke for being here,


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