Blank Pages

All the blank pages are 

staring at me

daring at me

Get it

Do it

egging me on.

Weird saying, why egging?

That doesn’t matter but words do.

Words we say to ourself 

like fools.

Words we use for someone

elses rules.

It’s not cool.

We need words to take

care of ourselves,

a tool.

Words we can use to 


this old school

to new school.

Old fools with old rules

hanging onto power tools

their ego 

can not

let go

to even

their flow

and let the power go.

Then we can all grow


in our authenticity

which then of course most certainly


will grow most importantly

the most beloved


which ridiculously 

drives all this dichotomy.

These blank pages

now fill-in with words

gotta be

set free. By me. To see.

What will be, will be.