Sometimes when i get to feeling all the feelings about all the things, and then there is big life things upcoming not to mention really big life things (Mexico) and even though it seems like an exciting time that I should want to share everything, cuz content and it’s interesting, (I guess), but instead I retreat, like because it is all just so much that I want to turtle and for everything to just go away. But being a supposed adult I have to put on my big person pants and keep going.

My life is full of goodness and I am so grateful but on the flip, (there always has to be flip) there are a stack of challenges that I am being tasked with first.

In moments like these I tend to find solace in the morbid. Something more extreme then the extreme I am going through to make me feel better about my situation because compared to these other situations, like alien invasions and spontaneously combusting, my situations really don’t seem as extreme!

So to make myself feel better I thought I’d throw myself into the new ‘teen’ fare Spontaneous on the flix. My decision was heavily influenced by Katherine Langford, who I just discovered is Australian with my google search to spell her name right. She is all kinds of beautiful and interesting to watch like in Knives Out (which is fabulous) for example or Cursed (both on the flix I believe) which was cursed to only have one season which was to bad because I was enjoying it and also Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin, was also very much enjoying him.

Spontaneous is about high school seniors who are spontaneously combusting. It is quite the premise and yet somehow it manages to hold and evolve its tone. Speaking of tone I enjoy some Rob Huebel who was a pleasant surprise as her dad. (Once again for those at the back Medical Police on the flix is a gem! Thank you Rob!)

oh while were at it before I go on, all the peoples on the medias are all freaking out about the show Ghosts! But not the British original version, they probably don’t even know there is a British original version a la The Office, but anyhoo I have not seen the ‘merican version but in the previews it does not look nearly as good as the original British version that I have watched 3x and is amazing and I have written proof of my love on past blogs to offer proof of my knowing. Danke.

The movie was better than I was expecting and I cried hard. Even the next day when I thought about it I cried. I know I’m a cryer, but it got me good.

I feel like what it was trying to say is, we are all going to die at sometime and so remember to live now and be present and share and love and take risks and do the things. I’m weeping just thinking of it. Darn it!

Also while I am it there is a new season of War of the Worlds on CBC gem, which is free to stream. It’s a great show. If you need a distraction and want to do so with aliens and death and destruction, or something for Halloween or what not.  The tone and acting and all the things are top.

Whew, for not a lot that is quite a lot!

Danke so mucho for being here!

I appreciate you taking the time to hang with me today!

Lady Beastie

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