About fifty years ago in the Disunited States, the white Supremacist Court deviously betrayed its own innocent people when patriarchal Justice Lewis Powell declared war on the common folk in a memo to his good old boy crony who was the head of the Chamber of Commerce that described how big business needed to resist the efforts by democratic figures to expand the social service supports given to regular non-corporate interests at all costs. As Thom Hartmann of Raw Story writes, in 1976 the misogynistic money men “legalized bribery of politicians by the morbidly rich, and in 1978 legalized bribery of politicians by corporations”, leading to a handful of straight white power billionaires now dominating the financial pyramid from the capstone of their luxury villa dystopia where they don’t need to deal with anyone who doesn’t fit their image of how a human being should look and behave.

As Voltaire said, “the comfort of the rich depends on the abundant supply of the poor”, and the so-called “makers” in charge of the so-called “takers” due to their five decade-long funding of oligarchic institutions designed to destroy any sociopolitical entities that dare to resist their catastrophic quest have succeeded in duping the average joe Canamerican into believing that organizations such as the Nelsonia Crypt of Commercialism are working for them, when their very deceptive nature is built to shred the social fabric ordinary citizens need to survive and thrive as we did before Lewis Powell and his buddy Eugene of the capitalist Chamber of Commerce set out to end the “welfare state” once and for all.

So here we are in 2023, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic which the Crypts of Commerce exacerbated with their business-first mentality that has led them to come up with all sorts of reasons why our economy still sucks for anyone not on the pro-corporate gravy train, when the truth of why negligent Nelsonia is mired in the labour shortage doldrums lies in the obvious fact that the whole system is based on profiteering for the rich against the everyday workers who pay exorbitant income tax demands while the greedy pigs at the top dodge their civic responsibilities in the name of enriching their shareholders at the expense of anyone not in the upper-class country club. The Executive Dictator of the taxpayer-funded Nelsonia Crypt of Capitalism and his supplicant manservants always blame straw-men such as covid-income support payments when things go wrong in their monetary fantasyland, instead of acknowledging that the deck is stacked against most of its citizens and the fix is in in favour of the one-percent kingpins who hoard all the wealth which used to be shared somewhat equally when our grandparents were dealing with the world wars caused by the colonizer empires fighting over their unequal share of the white-bred pie.

It’s time for the supposed progressive leftist neoliberals on Nelsonia’s Shitty Council to stop funding a private gaggle of elitists that only cares about propping up its paying stakeholders who are willing to play along with the systemically racist casino racket they call the economy, which is actually a diabolical ruse aimed at dividing and conquering the poor worker-class populace in order to elevate their sanctioned enterprises that kowtow to the sadistic mission of the obscenely affluent. Obviously, there are well-meaning members of the Crypt of Commercialism who contribute to the betterment of our local culture in the short-term, but that doesn’t mean that they’re completely oblivious to the harsh reality that their beloved umbrella of big-daddy powerbrokers are beholden to the selfish whims of an authoritarian fascist bowel movement that began before most of us were born.