The true matriarchal Indigenous authority of the Valley of the Lost Souls has explicitly stated that the Sinixt Confederacy does not speak for or represent her besieged peoples while they perpetuate what she says is “the ongoing genocide” of her ancestors and relations, but ever since the Executive Dictator of the Capitalist Theatre dared to decree in all their imperialistic hubris awhile back that a woman other than Marilyn James was the only proper spokesperson for the Sinixt, oligarchic Nelsonia and its corporate cop-loving media outlets have continued to act like the Autonomous Sinixt are not worthy of mass support or an interview quote by and large.

The latest disrespect shown by the Dark Star with its new parent-company owners and the police-owned Daily Snooze involves the patriarchal application by a Zincton developer to take over a massive swath of land in the area for their moneymaking adventure-sport enterprise dressed up like a pig with lipstick to make it seem like it will do good things for the environment. Even the Yankee-based Sinixt Confederacy beloved by the White Heritage City’s print media outlets has issues with the Zincton proposal’s attempted land-grab, but if you read the Nelsonia Star and their egghead reporter Billy Madcalf, you’ll know right away that he only has time in his schedule and plutocratic industrial agenda to interview the Sinixt peoples from the Disunited States. According to Mister Madcalf, the chair of the Sinixt Confederacy wrote to “Environment Minister George Heyman and Tourism Minister Lana Popham in a letter dated Feb. 8, “The Zincton project falls squarely within the Sinixt traditional territory… accordingly, full engagement with the Sinixt will be required moving forward”.

You’d think that “full engagement with the Sinixt” would involve engaging with the Sinixt group based in Canamerica, but no, predictably neither Madcalf nor the Daily Snooze reporter who wrote a remarkably similar story given their supposed ownership differences could garner one quote from the Autonomous Sinixt or Marilyn James, probably because they know that her and her allied group don’t support the political industrialization of everything like the Star and Snooze and their American counterparts do. And if you think this issue isn’t a big deal to Marilyn James and her allies, the developer’s own letter says “built on a bench with 12,000 acres of skiable (sic) area, the (proposed) project is bigger than Whistler and Blackcomb combined”. Isn’t it interesting how the Sinixt Confedarcy themselves never mention their sisterly counterparts north of the invisible border, as it they were merely a figment of Marilyn James and her supporters’ imagination.

At a certain point, once you omit something so much that should be included, it becomes certifiably obvious that you’re choosing to ignore that relevant entity on purpose. So wouldn’t it be nice if anyone among the Sinixt Confedaracy, the Zincton developers, the Brutish Colonia misgovernment or the Snoozy Star could be brave or responsible enough to at least mention Marilyn James, the Autonomous Sinixt or the Blood of Life Collective — which is partially funded and officially recognized by the Columbus Basin Distrust! — within a print medium in some capacity at all?