Ooff twas a little lacking on me posts this week, but I was working hard on my new vlog video on the y-tube! Jahooooo

To even get to this step of loading feels big and good and kinda a lot and all the things really.

I do hope you get a chance to watch it! You don’t need an account to do so, but if you want to like and subscribe and comment and all that good very supportive stuff, ya do!

All in all the grand vision I started to work on from the hunkered down enclave of my house is starting to come together.

I am working on the first instalment of “Story Time With Lady-Beastie”, and looking to set a date for the first live show.

All the while keeping up this blog fun, vlog fun, and my other vv secret project that has had a bit of a delay, but is the piece of the puzzle I am most proud and excited about!

All and all that sounds and is great, while today I sit here and menstruate. (TMI I know but, if the rhyme is there you gotta take it!)

Balance. It’s all balance.

This was also the weekend 22 years ago that I went into labour. For many, many hours and days! So beyond grateful to be in this place in my life and have such a beautiful loving family. So, so so vv proud of my sweet, kind, smart, handsome, talented son. #blessed

Hmmm I might want to work on those thumbnails!!

Danke so super mucho for being here!


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