Hihi! How’s it going?!

Doing pretty good over here. There does seem to be a lot going on even though there is not much going on, ya know?

First off tho, after a wonderful year with this website, it is going to get some updating! Thank you to all of you who show up on the reg. and support with clicks!

I hope you enjoy the content and do know that if there are topics or things you would like me to cover, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email! I’d love to hear from you!

That being said I am adding a few new pages that I will introduce over the next few days!

Like for example making the movie I was a part of easier to find for your viewing and sharing pleasure (um and also tears, the movie tends to invoke tears…!)

I am super excited and grateful to be working on that.

And now the rant that I really am needing to go on. Ready?! It’s going to be swear laden just as a warning, I’m not holding back. O.k…. and GO!

Fucking Nelson assholes piece of shit annoying backwards motherfucking terrible bullshit fuck this place are you fucking kidding me what the actual fuck you fuck head fuckers.

let me explain.

Every summer there is some fucking loud ass machine that the city inflicts insane noise pollution on the whole fucking town starting at 5 am, sometimes 4 am. I and others I know have adamantly complained to the Mayor himself, when I used to cut his hair, but to no avail. (Yes this terrible bullshit has been going on that long.) He never listened to any of my good ideas either and believe me they are banging good and would have helped this fucking towns economy. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We have to close our windows, in the summer, and we can still hear the fucking annoying sound pollution, unnecessary fucking bullshit machine. It’s fucking insane. Also who is the stupid dip shit asshole who runs the machine? Some sadistic fascist uncaring fuck. Fuck them. Fuck the person who tells them to do it. FUCK THEM BIGLY. Nelson invites tourists to come stay then fucking wakes everybody up with some bullshit machine that they have decided must disturb everybody all fucking summer. It’s literally the fucking worst. THE FUCKING WORST.

It takes everything in my being not to retaliate. I dream of smashing the machine or creating my own annoying noise pollution at shitty hall all day to make a point. Why is it illegal for me but not the city? And then it all just plays into the idea of who are laws for these days? If we aren’t going to persecute criminals just because they are rich and famous and powerful, we are missing the fucking point. If the city doesn’t need to respect the bylaws the way I do, we are missing the fucking point. What the fuck is wrong with people these days?

Also in general fuck ALL the noise pollution, I feel like nobody, especially men with their hard on for power tools cares how it can affect people. Like turning me into a swearing maniac. Like who knows what rage it produces inside us. Motherfuckers.

How, with all our knowledge and technology do we still have fucking motors that are gas guzzling noise makers anyway? It is beyond embarrassing and I think it means that some asshole motherfuckers must like it, and do not care about anybody else. So absolutely beyond fucking infuriating. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fuckers.

And also I am working on the sign up, subscriber email issue, I know they haven’t been sending….So once I have that worked out it will be a great time to sign up for emails as I will also be starting to send out special content to subscribers!

Danke for being here,

Also, please take a moment to consider the effects of noise pollution on yourself and others.


#forstmedia #noisepollutionsucks #cityofnelsonsucks

P.S. Are you watching the Jan 6 hearings? They really are the summer blockbuster they promised, and it sounds like they are just going to get better!

Don’t think they matter or that it affects you?! I suggest taking a moment to look at the big picture. I believe they are going to affect things more than we can currently imagine.

Why not choose education and curiosity over ignorance? Why not?