Ooooofffff been a moment!

I guess I don’t have much to say these days, or if I do it seems ridiculous with all the other everything’s going on right now. Here’s a couple of my brain feeds lately, yes, it is a lot to live with my brain, thanks for asking!!

So young K.R. ‘the shooter’,  yes terrible, broken justice system, broken every system, yes we know. The bigger issue is that this is the kind of young adult that the ‘merican way is creating. That is the ultimate terror of the whole thing. He is a product of the system and now we see very clearly what that system creates. If you hadn’t noticed before it very much supports a K.R. shooter monster. Now all the other people that the system has created who identify with that kind of behaviour are emboldened and that is not the best. Yes I am saying the system, don’t semantic me over that please. There is a colonial white systemic system that dominates a great portion of the world. I’m not arguing that point. It’s real, deal.

Then we jump to the new Jlo movie “Marry Me”. It looks like a thing. Mainly I am rooting for Ben to pull a real life take while she is doing her rounds of live performance and promoting. Like at some Christmas GMA or something  he can come take the stage just after she has performed and pop the question. It’s too bad the paps initially fucked up their romance. I know they would say life happens and they went and popped out a bunch of kids with their other divorced relationships, but I feel like it’s like when you watch some content and a person has missed out on their child’s life because they weren’t aware or whatever and now they have been reunited and it’s supposed to be a happy ending, but I can’t get over the time and life they never were given a chance for and can never get back. Anyhoo that would just be interesting and a thing and the people would loose it and that could be fun..

How can I practice both Justin Briber and Taylor Swift songs at the same time?! Do I need to choose?! I feel like I do. Which I would obvs choose Tay Tay. But still I am pretty into that “Stay” jam with Kid Laroi…..

I’ve seen “smart” and famous people talk about and reference the idea of ‘renaissance’. I may not be as ‘smart’ or famous but I like the validation, I’ve been on the #letsrenaissancethis since at least 2019 soooooo…..

Looks like Europe is having a pretty exciting one niner times these days, during this whole pandemic thang north ‘merica has been just behind Europe when it comes to surges and what not, so that is something.

Remember all those times in the movies where the people think they are safe and they relax even though we all know the monster or whatever it is is still right there, looming and then they let their guard down and don’t move far enough away or in general get way  way the fuck away and really make sure they are safe before they let their guard down, but they don’t and then they die, remember all those movies?! Just saying.

Also if men even remotely had to go through any type of peri or menopause there would be things for that. Pretty sure “they” are purposely keeping women down by not respecting our bodies enough to provide help and information about the ‘pause’. Yes the system again, not just super racist but also super mysoginistic. Again please no semantics about it, it’s real, deal.

Hard to re-enter society when it is very unappealing. Super ridiculous and nonsensical and ultimately pretty yucky. Especially the ‘go back to normal’ idea. I think the old normal was immoral and there is nothing good there to go back to. Is it not possible to come up with new and better and not so sadistic and selfish and sick ways to be on this planet?!?!! FFS.

I am happy to have my creative projects to work on, I am grateful that even amongst all this B.S. my brain still wants to get creative. I have a bunch of upcoming creative stuff I have been working on, but none of it is ready to be announced, yet. Hopefully soon.

How’s your brain these days?! What choices are you making now knowing what you know that you perhaps didn’t know before?!

Danke for being here,


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