I’m not going to post today cause it’s the long weekend and that is a blessed gift one must take advantage of. Especially when we leave in 2 days to go coastal for the rest of the summer! Starting to make piles and pack. But as I have said, what clothes do I even wear now? I’m curious too!

Hope summer is treating you well and filling you up on the vitamin D. If you are in a place that is summer.

The looming fire and smoke potential is defiantly looming. Last nights sunset was gorgeous with the extra infusion of smoke. Sigh.

Ah summer.

Not as panicked as I would normally be as I know I am not spending the majority of my life this winter being cold in Canada. #grateful

Do you panic at the end of summer. The warmth and sun and foot freedom is so fleeting.

Looming and fleeting.

Danke for being here for my non post post,

Lady Beastie

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