Hiola! How’s everybody today?! Hanging in there?! Hope so. We have had some good rain and darkness. Yesterday it just was dark all day!

When I am beditating I always have so much to say! I wish I could just hook my brain up and all thoughts would come out neatly and ready to edit and print. By the time I get up, I’m like, what was I even going to say even?!

Apparently Karl Lagerfeld did a great deal of designing in this beditation state!

Do you beditate?!

I guess the newest most surprising thing to me is how much of a Swifty fan I am becoming! Who knew?! All To Well doesn’t even feel like it’s 10 minutes! So good!

Also the Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers movie is now on the Flix and whew goodness. When they first advertised the movie I knew there was no way I was going to be able to watch it in public. I was right. Not just regular movie crying but full on sobs, audible sobs. So good. I wish I had more Mr.Rogers in my childhood, perhaps I would have had more practice at expressing my feelings without hurting myself and others. Bless that man. Made my heart feel so good.

So Taytay and Mr Rogers, that’s what I gots today!

Mucho danke for being here!


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