Oh Hihi!

I feel like it has been so long, with the long weekend and all!

I am rocking a social and gardening hangover! The best kind to have! How’s bout you? Did you May long party too?!

New vlog up on the tubes, hope you get a moment to check it out and like and subscribe and all that jazz.

Speaking of jazz, Miles Davis Kind Of Blue keeps turning up for me and I am here for it! Just a friendly reminder of it’s greatness if you haven’t partook in the album for a while if ever. Classic!

Thank goodness I don’t take myself to seriously hey?!

Danke for all your clicking support! I very much appreciate!


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P.S. That is why I don’t watch the end of American Idol, a bunch of teen girls with phones does not the best decision make. In a season of some of the best singers they have had, dude who is not the best singer wins…. probably better off for those others who can have careers not tied into and fucked up by the idol franchise a la Kelly C et al. Ridiculous though.